Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


5. Chapter Four

I sat on the park table with my back against the pole that held up one side of the roof with Harry leaning on the other. We both had a smoke in our mouths and played with the could of smoke that came from our mouths each time we breathed out. "So how come you are homeless?" I asked Harry.


He chuckled "I wouldn’t call it homeless I would call it 'Living outside the boundaries of protection'". His way of explaining things was amazing "I like that" I said before he continued. "Well I have been living outside the boundaries of protection for over two years now since I was kicked out of my home… my mum was abusive as was my dad" he paused and took a draw.


"They used to beat me up and I would take it because I thought that would be best then one day I snapped and stood up for myself they packed my shit and kicked me out almost instantly… since then I had either bunked with people or just crashed in shops or here" he told me before taking another draw.


I took one in return and nodded "shit, that would've sucked" I told him and he nodded back before asking "so how come you're in this situation?" I simply shrugged and took a draw. "When mum died I had nothing… I didn't get their savings my older brother did, he left as soon as he was given the money, I havent talked to him since her funeral" I paused and put my smoke out.


He gave me an apologetic look and then asked to continue so I did. I told him about the boys bashing me, about my situation with Ashton, my work, why I wasn't living with Julian, basically everything and he told me his story as well. "So where are you crashing tonight?" he asked and I shrugged "I'll probably just sleep here than go to school in the morning" I told him and he nodded.


"I'll stay with you" he told me. He sat up and moved him self the long seat next to the table and I moved myself onto the other. We said out goodnights before falling asleep with the stars shining on us and the frost nipping at our goose bumped skin.



- - - - -



That morning I had stopped by Julian's house quickly to grab what was left of my clothes before rushing out and leaving to go to school. I walked past Luke's house which seemed a lot darker than usual and he has a colourful house with a huge garden out the front.


His door slammed open with him walking out then slamming it shut. He was wearing a blink 182 hoodie and black jeans. "What are you looking at mole?" he spat. I shook my head and continued to walk to school. He was a few steps behind me before he grabbed my tote bag that had my clothes in it.


"What's this?" he asked. I shook my head "work clothes" I lied before grabbing it off him. He laughed actually it was more like a cackle "you should try them on for me and give me a little lap dance in music today" he said and slapped my ass. I rolled my eyes and walked faster.


On any other day I would have knocked him out but I wont because he is just upset. "Don't walk away from me Cobain" he growled so I stopped and waited for him to catch up to me. I rolled my eyes and looked at him "what do you want?" I asked and he chuckled "nothing really, I'd like to get a little piece of you but I wouldn't wanna hurt you" he said as he ran his hand through his blonde shiny hair.


I laughed "hah! Have a lil piece of my than and we will see who gets hurt" I put my bags down and stood in front of him. No I wouldn’t normally challenge him to this but it was just us two. He smirked and through a punch at my face. I grabbed his fist but forgot that he was a left hander not a right so he punched with his left hand and hit my in the ribs.


I was a bit winded but I through a punch which hit his jaw as he punched mine. He split my lip and I spat out the blood. "You hit like a two month old" I said and he smirked. He grabbed my hair and smashed my head into his knee before throwing me on the ground and kicking me repeatedly in the stomach and head. I was done, I couldn’t go on.


I laid on the cold ground clutching my stomach and face while groaning. Tears brimmed my eyes but I didn’t let them fall. He spat on me before saying "You act like a two month old" and kicking me in the stomach again. He shrugged it off and walked away leaving me on the ground.


I put my hands either side of me and sat up a little. I had a head spin but I shook it off before getting up completely, grabbing my stuff and began walking to school again. Luke was about 10 metres in front of him and occasionally he would look back at me. I was going to run up to him until I collapsed on the ground and couldn’t breathe properly.


I was coughing and blood was leaking out of my mouth. I struggled to breathe and my vision started to become blurry and fade. I felt someone grab my shoulders and start yelling at me to wake up. I think that’s what they were saying; I couldn’t process it properly.


I didn’t black out though. I just sat up a little and held my head in my hands. I was a fighter physically, mentally and emotionally. Who ever was in front of me helped me stand up properly and handed me my bags. Once it had processed who was helping me I gave him a weird look.


"What are you doing?" I asked slowly still trying to get my vision and breathing right. "I saw you collapse so I tried to help, I thought you were going to black out and I was about to call an ambulance and than you sat up" he said and I nodded "thank you Michael" I said and he nodded back smiling "No problem".


He helped me through out the day at school, going to and from classes which we had most of them together and he sat with me at the very back of the school; just us. The bell rang signally that it was home time and Michael helped me to my locker.


My vision was still fading in and out, and I still wasn't breathing properly. I hadn't seen Luke all day, he wasn't even in music. "Thank you for helping me" I thanked Michael once we had gotten out of the school. He smiled "no worries, can I ask what happened though?" he asked and I nodded before telling him what had happened.


He shook his head "I'm so sorry for hurting you the past few years, it was wrong and stupid, Luke told us too and he was the leader till Ashton came and then Luke said not to tell him about it and then Ashton found out about you and wanted us to bash you so we ended up just taking his orders" Michael told me.


I shook my head "Ashton? I've known Ashton longer than you guys have and he said he didn’t want you to hurt me but he couldn’t do anything about it?" I questioned and Mike shook his head.


"He said he hated your guts and that by doing it, it may be an improvement on your looks" he told me. A lump in my throat formed and that whens I realised I wasn't as strong as I used to be. "B-but, Ashton and I we…" I trailed off and stopped walking shaking my head.


"What? You and Ashton what?" Mike asked. I shook my head "We've been having sex for the past year, constantly" I told him and he shook his head but didn't laugh "but he is with ruby?" he said but was more like a question. "The night Luke turned up on my door step crying cause of his mum, I was literally about to have sex with Ashton and then the door bell rung so he had to go out the back door" I said.


Michael shook his head "the not so funny thing is I know its true because he blew me off to be with Ruby and that night Ruby was working cause I saw her when I went into coles to buy dinner" He said.


A few tears ran down my face and I quickly wiped them before I continued walking back to the park. "Do you want me to walk you home?" Michael asked. I shook my head "I'm okay, I'm meeting someone at the park soon but thank you for today and I'll see you around or what not" I told him before walking off faster to the park.


I felt like breaking down and crying like when I found out mum died. I don’t know why it hurt to know that but it did. Maybe I had finally cracked. Maybe that was all that was needed to crack what was left of my theoretical heart. It felt like my chest was caving in but when I saw Harrison from the other side of the park waving at me; I smiled. It was fake but it was still a smile.

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