Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


6. Chapter Five

Harrison and I stayed at the park for a little while before heading to Kmart because we were cold and it began to lightly snow. I had money on me still plus my card so we could get food and some jumpers.


It was around 10:30 so there wasn’t many people inside so we grabbed a few chocolate bars, two drinks, a blanket, and I bought Harry a jumper since I had one and he didn’t, and then we left and went back to the park.


We on the same table as we did last night using our lighters to warm our hands. The small fire would go out every so often from a gust of wind or snowflakes landing on it. We sat there talking about our day and he asked about my bruises and my split lip. I didn’t tell him it was Luke, I told him I had just gotten in a school fight with some girl.


He believed it which was good. He paused for a second and pointed over the other side of the park at four people walking towards us. "Should we leave?" I whispered but he shook his head "nah they wont bother us" he told me and I nodded.


They all wore hoodies but I noticed purple and black hair. "TRISS!" Michael yelled and ran over to me giving me a hug. I winced but hugged him back. He apologised and nodded towards Harry. "How come you're out here? It's freezing?" he asked and I laughed "I could ask you the same thing".


The other boys walked over and joined us in the conversation. Ashton sat down next to me and smiled but I just glared at him. Harry got up and smiled "Hey, I'll see you later, I'll probably be either here or at Kmart, I'm just gonna go see my sister" he said before leaving.


"How come you aren't at home?" Ashton asked which made me laugh "what home?" I said sarcastically. The boys looked at each other in pure confusion "what do you mean?" Luke ask and I glared at him "I mean I don’t have a home, I'm homeless, I live on the streets" I told them as if it were no big deal.


Calum sat on the other side of me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders before looking at Luke and giving him a sympathetic look but Luke shook his head "you can come stay with us for a couple days, there is supposed to be a blizzard tonight so it's not necessarily safe to stay out here Cobain" he said.


I shook my head "I think I'll be good but thanks anyway". Luke shook his head "Cobain don’t be difficult" he said which caused me to laugh "are you sure its okay?" I asked look at the boys who all nodded. Luke took my schoolbag and Michael took my tote bag which had my clothes in it than started to walk to Lukes.



- - - - -



When we eventually got to Lukes the wind had picked up a lot and it was snowing hard and pelting down rain. I probably would have froze to death if I stayed out any longer. Luke turned on the heater and put on the fire before walking up the stairs.


I followed him up there and he started to point at doors "Ashtons room, bathroom, Cals room, guest room, Michaels room, my room, your room" he said. Mines had an ensuite inside and the room was pretty big. I sat my stuff on the bed before thanking Luke and walking back down stairs with him.


We walked into the kitchen and I pushed myself up onto the counter to sit on it. He scurried around the kitchen grabbing plates, pans, food and drinks. He turned on the oven before coming over to me. "Anything particular for a midnight dinner?" he asked and I shrugged "we should have pancakes with butterscotch sauce" I said and he nodded.


He started to make the pancakes than turned to me with a worried look plastered on his face "how do you make butterscotch sauce?" he asked. I laughed and slowly slipped off the counter before walking into the walk-in-pantry and grabbing supplies. I put a saucepan on the stove and heated it up before putting things in it.


"My mum taught me how to make it when I was 8 and she made it the best. We had it every Friday night with whatever desert we had" I told him and he nodded "I never did anything with my mum… I regret it a lot now" he told me quietly.


I bit my lip and walked over to him and gave him a little hug cause my body still hurt. He hesitated before hugging me back "I'm sorry Luke" I apologised for bringing it up. He shook his head and let go while wiping a few tears away.


He sniffled before shaking his head again and walking away. I tried to swallow the lump that had formed in my throat before continuing cooking. Ashton joined me and wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezing me tightly. I yelped and pushed him off me.


He put his hands up in surrender with a confused look on his face. "Luke beat me up this morning" I slowly said and he shook his head. "Why?" he asked and I shook my head "he's just upset I guess, im his personal punching bag" I told him and he smiled "like you're my personal toy".


I nodded even though I was not a toy, I was a human and he might think I was his but im not, not anymore. "Go fuck Ruby, I'm not doing this anymore" I told him and walked away from him leaving him in the kitchen alone. I walked up to the rooms and accidently walked into Lukes. He wasn't in there though.


"Luke?" I called out quietly. There was no answer but I could hear sniffling. I walked over to his ensuite and opened the door a little and peaked in. he was sitting on the floor with his head in his knees and running his hands through his blonde hair.


I opened the door a little wider and realised there was blood covering his entire right arm and all over the floor. I walked in and locked the door behind me before crouching next to Luke and pulling him up. We didn’t say anything, I don’t think we necessarily had too.


I pulled him over to the shower and turned it on. I let the water run warm until I slowly put his arm under the water. He winced but kept an emotionless expression. I cleared the blood from his arm before turning the shower off and gently patting the deep cuts with a towel.


When I was done we sat on the floor in silence looking at his arm. It had stopped bleeding but the cuts were pretty deep not deep enough for stitches though. Luke looked up at me before nodding "thank you" he said quietly in a whisper almost.


I could see every part of him basically crack. I had never seen this happen to someone let alone think it would happen to Luke of all people. His bad boy reputation had gone from being quiet and broken. I think im actually the first girl other than Ruby he has actually talked to since his mum passed.


I nodded "its okay Hemmings" I gave him a small smile but he just looked straight through me. I sighed and got up but he grabbed my hand "please… stay" he said quietly. I nodded and sat next to him. He didn’t let go of my hand but it felt nice to be comforted.


I looked at him and another tear rolled down his cheek as if his heart had cracked one more time. A few more fell and not long he was in my arms sobbing hysterically. I didn’t exactly know what to do but I just did what my mum would do when I was upset. She'd sing a song.


So I did. I sung him 'glitter in the air' by P!nk. He still didn’t smile but he looked at me with his tear stained face and asked me to sing another; So I did. By the time I had sung four songs, he was asleep. I called out to Michael who helped me put him into bed.


As I was walking out behind Michael I stopped and looked at Luke who was sitting up in bed. "Please stay, the nightmares… they scare me… please" he said quietly. I nodded and walked over to him sliding under the covers. "Only this once Hemmings" I told him and he nodded.


I faced the other way but he rolled over and put his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him. "Thank you so much" he said and I nodded "you probably wouldn’t do the same, but I know what you're going through" I told him. We laid in silence before we both fell asleep letting our bodies become unconscious.

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