Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


13. Chapter Eleven

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- - - - -


We have been driving for a few hours around the city looking in abandon warehouses. There was one part of the city we never went near which was Carlton. It was entirely abandoned from a raid that happened a while ago. In other words there was basically a war in that one part of town. It was originally the party town, full of life and happiness. It had a carnival place there that was running non-stop 24/7.


But it became abandoned once the town did. What was left with the town stayed with the town. Homeless people tend to live in the rugged, asbestos houses then die a short time later. Rumour is there are cannibals that live there now or a cult. There is to many rumours about it. I headed down there anyway.


It is thirty minutes west of the city. It looked like it was hit by a nuclear bomb but it wasn’t. Calum kept his eyes wide and looked around. We drove the speed limit but I was getting creeped out. "Triss wouldn’t come here would she?" Calum asked. I shrugged "I think she might of judging by the fact your car is parked out the front of the carnival" I rose my eyebrows and parked next to Calums little blue car.


We got out without hesitation and climbed the fence. I landed on my feet where as Calum landed on his face which made me chuckle. He shot me a filthy look before chuckling too. I pointed at the Ferris wheel "what's that shiny thing?" I asked Calum. He shrugged before his face lit up "my car keys" he said happily before speed walking over to them.


I followed close behind still looking around. I didn’t like being out here. "Shit I left my gun in my drawer" I said while running my fingers through the top of my hair. Calums jaw dropped "why do you have a gun?" he asked. I scoffed "why do you think? For situations like this and if someone breaks into my house" I said shaking my head.


He gulped but nodded "fair enough" he said slowly. I heard a stick break and I told him to shut up. We both looked towards the carousel. The lights turned on and it began to spin playing the music it played. I walked over to it leaving Calum shaking and almost crying. I heard Triss yelling from beneath he carousel. I didn’t dare yell back. I wasn’t and idiot. But I was an idiot for opening the flap that lead down below it.


Calum ran after me and I went down it landing with a thud. Calum followed actually landing on his feet this time. The yelling stopped and the sobbing began. "Please, please don’t hurt me" Triss sobbed. She must think we were the people attacking her. I peaked around the corner she was on the ground with her arms tied up above her head from the ceiling. I walked over to her and grabbed a knife that was maybe three centimetres out of her foots reach.


Put there to torture her more than likely. I cut the rope and she slipped into my arms. "Luke" she sobbed hugging me tightly. I picked her up and carried her to the ladder. Calum climbed up and I lifted her up to him. I than climbed up and shut the flap softly so it didn’t make any noise. I then took Triss from Calum and we ran to the gate. "Shit how am I going to get you over" I mumbled.


"I can climb it just catch me okay" She said. I nodded and climbed over. Calum helped her up and once she got to the top he climbed over. She toppled off but I caught her safely in my arms. "Calum don’t take your car it wont be safe" He nodded and jumped into the drivers seat of mine. I got into the back with Triss and buckled us up. Calum drove off fairly quickly leaving the deserted carnival in the revision mirror.


I looked at Triss and took off my jumper and slid it onto her naked body. She had so many cuts and stabs from them. "Cal drive to the hospital please" I told him and he nodded. I pulled Triss onto my lap and kissed her forehead. "Everything is going to be okay Cobain, I promise you" I mumbled, my lips not leaving her forehead.


She nodded and hugged me tightly but winced "if it hurts don’t do it please" I said and she nodded. Her brown hair was greasy and matted. Her eyes were dull and she looked half dead. I don’t blame her. But in the midst of it she still looked beautiful. "Did they touch you in that way?" I asked softly. She nodded and her eyes swelled with tears but she didn’t cry.


"Did they rape you?" I asked her. She nodded again; her eyes started going glassy from the tears welling in her eyes. She leant her head in the crook of my shoulder and laced her fingers with mine. "LUKE, HOLD HER TIGHT!" Calum yelled from the front seat. Just as I did something slammed into the side of the car. The side Triss and I were on. I felt the car roll a few times before blanking out.


- - - - -


I heard beeps… that was it just beeps. The only thing I could see was the car rolling over and over. Seeing the picture of Triss replaying in my head. I felt my entire life flash before my eyes. From beginning to end. My end was just then.

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