Find You || Luke Hemmings

Triss Cobain is a homeless, troubled girl with nothing but when her bullies become her friends and she moves in with them, she has some fun.


10. Chapter Eight

We sat on the couch eating nachos while chatting pretty loud. I was in the midst of  listening to Michael and Ashton s small argument about books. Which was constant bickering of them saying what book was better; Divergent or Hunger Games.


Soon enough Luke and Calum joined the bickering and it became a full argument. Luke and Michael shouted "Divergent" where as Michael and Ashton shouted back "Hunger Games".  I tried to ignore it for a while but than it got out of hand. Luke stormed off with Calum following close behind but returning shortly with bottles of sauce; mayo, tomato, BBQ & salad dressing.


I stood up and held a hand out "Guys c'mon this is stupid" I reasoned looking between the boys. Honestly Mike and Ash looked scared as fuck but Luke and Cal well they just brought up hell. The smirked evilly at me and I instantly said "Divergent is better". They grabbed me and pulled me behind them for protection.


I looked at Ash and Mike and they had looks of betrayal in there eyes. Ash scoffed "how could you abandon us! After all our memories you take there side! How could you Triss!" Ashton growled dramatically. I rolled my eyes "Oh please, Divergent is better by a long shot, plus the lead girl's name is Tris, like me" I shot back.


I found this incredibly funny but continued along with it. Before long Luke and Cal were spraying sauce at Mike and Ash. I stood in the back laughing until the boys turned to me and smiled. I screamed and ran to the kitchen. "YEAH GO BACK TO WHERE YOU BELONG!" Michael yelled. I grabbed chocolate sauce, and custard from the cupboard. 


Luke and Cal were winning by a long shot since Ash and Mike had no "ammo". "Hey bitches" I said loudly. They stopped and turned to me and I smirked at them. "I just went to go grab something from my home" I raised my eyebrows and the boys crapped themselves and started to scramble around the room.



- - - - -



It took about two hours for us all to move off the floor we had collapsed on. All five of us were completely covered in sauce but cleaned up anyway. Well all of us but Michael who decided to slide like a penguin along the floor and now it looks like we dragged a bleeding body from one side of the room. I chuckled mentally at the thought of that.


"SHIT" Calum and Ashton yelled. We looked at them weirdly and waited for them to tell us what they meant. "WE HAVE WORK IN TEN MINUTES!" they screamed in sync. These boys are actually that weird. They ran off upstairs to get ready while Mike, Luke and I finished cleaning up before Mike joined them remember he was on late shift too.


Luke and I were mopping the room and cleaning the walls until around 8:30. We said nothing to each other except for the occasional "slide me the bucket" or "this is exhausting" and the other one agreeing. He walked to the kitchen and I followed him. He chucked me a can of coke and I caught it easily with one hand and thanked him.


"So no work for Miss Triss?" he said after a little while. I looked at him and shook my head. "I quit" I told him and he nodded. "How come? You were quite the dancer" he said. I shrugged "I didn’t like it, it was stupid and I shouldn’t have done it" I told him shaking my head and he nodded "yeah its stupid but you didn’t have much choice did you?" I nodded and took a sip of my drink.


"So how long have you played guitar for?" I asked him and he shrugged. "A fair time" he told me before walking off. I cocked my head as if asking to follow him and he nodded. I quickly followed him up the stairs and into the band room. He picked up an acoustic guitar similar to mine and sat on a stool. "We should work on our song for music yeah?" he asked and I nodded.


"I guess, but we have no inspiration" I said running my hand through my brown hair that desperately needed a cut. "You may not but I do" he said. He began strumming.


"Even when the sky is falling down, even when the earth is crumbling around my feet,

Even when we try to say goodbye, you could cut the tension with a knife in here,
'Cause I know what will happen, if we get through this,

And if the earth ends up crumblin' down to our knees than baby,

We just gotta get out, we just gotta get out,

And if the skyscrapers tumble down and crash around than baby,

We just gotta get out, we just gotta get out"


He sung like a bloody angel. It was amazing and asdfghjkl. I was shocked and I couldn’t say much except for "wow" over and over until he had to hold my mouth into a pouty face to get me to shut up. "Well, that is all I have so far" he said while biting on his lip and tugging at his lip ring.


"Its amazing" I told him once he had let go of my mouth. "You think so? Like we can finish writing it together, but so far that’s all I got, I don think its very good but I guess if you like it, it must be good since music basically runs in your family…" he babbled and rubbed the back of his neck. I laughed softly and shook my head "it was great, im going to go have a shower so yeah, but it was amazing" I told him before standing up and leaving the room.


He shouted a 'thank you' just as I opened the door to my room. I quickly grabbed my pajamas which were sweatpants and a foo fighters top that belongs to my mum so it was a little big on me since I was so small. I turned on the shower letting the water flow until it was hot enough to get in. I stripped down leaving my clothes scattered on the floor and jumped in.


The hot water scolded my skin turning it a light red like my body was blushing. I turned the cold down a little so it would get so hot it burnt my skin a little. I liked the feel of it because it reminded me that I can still be hurt and I'm human. As weird as it may sound I liked it. I liked the feel of pain. I hadn't had such a long and hot shower since my mum passed.


- - - Flashback - - -


"Triss! Triss!" I heard Dave yell from the front door. I totally forgot I had to get my guitar from his. I quickly got off the tiled floor and ran over to the front door to open it. Dave stood there with his face bright red and tear stained. "Your mum" He puffed. You could tell he had ran over here. "She's dead" he said while quietly huffing.


My chest caved in and black blurry patches filled my eyes. My legs began to shake but I wouldn’t let myself fall. I slowly nodded before shutting the door in his face. I felt dirty and disgusting. I walked slowly down the hall to the bathroom and turned on the shower with no cold. I stripped and stood in the burning water. I started to scream; not from the water, from my mum.


- - - End Of Flashback - - -


I turned the cold completely off. My skin turned bright red before turning a light shade of purple. I slid down the shower wall and put my head in my hands. "Triss!" Luke yelled. I began crying; I had gotten to the stage were being strong wasn’t enough to hold me together. What caused this break down? I have no idea; It was horrible.


The tears kept coming and my sobs got louder. Luke began banging on the door still yelling my name. "TRISS PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR" he screamed. I shook my head and still cried. I was falling apart and I don’t know how it happened. I was fine a few minutes ago.


Luke kept banging on the door until it gave in. He busted through the doorway and walked over to me. I looked up at him as he grabbed my towel off the sink and turned off the water. He wasn’t looking at my body he kept his eyes on me the entire time. He bent down beside me once the water was off and wrapped the towel around my light purple coloured body.

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