My little family

My name is Leah Riggs, I'm 23 and I have a three year old named Noah, his dad left me before Noah was born. 8 months ago Noah's dad and I met up a few times, and a week after we decided to never talk again then I found out I was pregnant..... I'm expecting a baby girl on June 8th that's in a month. I live In a three bedroom apartment that my parents had bought me, I don't have a Job so sadly my parents are supporting me and I'm great full. But what if I'm grocery shopping with Noah and I bump into him... sequel is comming soon


9. shopping , and renos

~3 days later~

it's been three days since I found out I was pregnant with twins Braylee and Mckenzie. I can't believe that three days ago I thought I was just pregnant with Braylee. I also can't believe that in three months I'm going to have four beautiful children instead of two. I'm going to be really stressed out also cause Liam is going on tour in four days for four months so he won't be here for the birth of two of his children. Which makes me really sad, I remember meeting his band mates two years before Noah was born but I barely actually had time to get to know them. Today Noah has kindergarten and he loves it, Aubrey and I are going clothes shopping and then out for lunch. It's 7:15 am and I'm getting Noah ready...

I picked Noah up and set him on the counter brushing his hair, he was wearing black skinny jeans, a white t shirt and brown work boots. I grabbed his blue sweater and  backpack. Come bud we are going to get breakfast on the way. Ok mum he said taking my hand, we got in the car and drove to star bucks. i ordered Noah a bagel and orange juice. I passed it back to him and then drove out of the drive through. Ok bud eat your breakfast and then we will go to school. Ok mum he smiled devouring his bagel. After we arrived at school and I got Noah out of the car. I walked him to his class and headed home. Liam i'm home, come on babe let's have fun I growled. No babe I don't want to your prego and this far could hurt Mckenzie and Braylee.  Ugh fine I growled, babe don't be mad please? Liam asked sadly. Tears strolled down my cheeks.. why are you crying Leah? I don't know I whined, Awe babe it's ok he hugged me.  Thanks I pecked his lips, ha I don't recall being this emotional during my last two pregnancies. Well I wouldn't know he scratched his head.  Ha well let's take a stroll down memory road and look at my photo albums. Ok let's start with Noah....

^ Pregnant with Aubrey^

Wow Noah was so cute and still is, Liam  gasped. I know, Liam can you pick up Noah at 11:45 please. Yup I can now you go relax and have a bath while I go get some things done for the new house and then I will pick Noah up. Ok I smiled getting off the bed and wobbling to the bathroom to start my bath.. Oh and hunny? Yea ? I love you Leah.....

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