My little family

My name is Leah Riggs, I'm 23 and I have a three year old named Noah, his dad left me before Noah was born. 8 months ago Noah's dad and I met up a few times, and a week after we decided to never talk again then I found out I was pregnant..... I'm expecting a baby girl on June 8th that's in a month. I live In a three bedroom apartment that my parents had bought me, I don't have a Job so sadly my parents are supporting me and I'm great full. But what if I'm grocery shopping with Noah and I bump into him... sequel is comming soon


3. Aubrey Aaliyah Payne welcome to the world...

~ 4 weeks later~

Liam! grab my bag please!, I yelled. K babe he smiled... it's been a month and Noah loves Liam. Miss Aubrey is  a week late so i am being induced by 10 am and Aubrey should be here within 24 hours the latest. I'm so excited. Noah is at my parents house and they're coming after the birth.  Ready to go babe? Liam asked while wrapping his hands around my waist. Yup I said popping the "p". Great he smiled let's go, we walked to the car and we drove to St. Paul hospital. I wobbled out and we went to the front desk. Name? the nurse asked. Leah Riggs I said. Alright miss follow me. She got a wheel chair and she wheeled me to the inducer room. Moments after the doctor came and got the process started........

~ 8 pm~

Two hours ago I gave birth to my second child, two hours ago I became a mother of two, two hours ago I welcomed a 9 pound 2 ounce baby girl named Aubrey Aaliyah Riggs-Payne into the world. This was the longest pregnancy and birth I've ever had. 8 hours of labor with no epidural... but it was worth it now that I have a healthy baby girl that can go home in the morning. Noah and my parents came half way through the birth assuming that Aubrey was born. 

Liam's p.o.v

I cradled her in my arms, my sweet sweet girl. I wanna seee Noah whined. I smirked fine but be quiet mama is sleeping I warned him. I picked him up with one arm and he sat there stroking Bree's nose. (Aubrey=Bree= Nickname) Noah do you wanna come with Pappi and me to get some food? Joan asked (Leahs Mum). Yeaaa he smiled. Shh mums sleeping Noah please be quiet. Ever since I left I became a star in a band with four other guys, we call our selves one direction. We sing love songs and being 20 and  a dad is tough but I manage to be a pop sensation on top of all that. Leah knows but Noah doesn't. I'm taking a few weeks off for family time but sooner or later i'm going to have to go on tour. After Leah and Bree get home we're going to start house hunting because I want a bigger house and also i'm planning on proposing to her. I'm sure she'll say yes but i'm still not so sure...


Hey guys, so sorry I haven't updated lately but my birthday is in four days (April 10th) and I'm having two parties so i'm pretty busy. Anyways I'm thinking on updating every Monday , Wednesday Friday , and Sunday.  So I hope you guys enjoy and comment below, like , favorite , and share. anyways toodlees :_)

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