My little family

My name is Leah Riggs, I'm 23 and I have a three year old named Noah, his dad left me before Noah was born. 8 months ago Noah's dad and I met up a few times, and a week after we decided to never talk again then I found out I was pregnant..... I'm expecting a baby girl on June 8th that's in a month. I live In a three bedroom apartment that my parents had bought me, I don't have a Job so sadly my parents are supporting me and I'm great full. But what if I'm grocery shopping with Noah and I bump into him... sequel is comming soon


7. 5 months old/ an unexpected surprise!

It's been three months, Aubrey is 5 months old and Noah is 4 years 3 months. Aubrey can now sit up straight, and Noah is learning new colors and numbers. Liam is on tour for three months and in then when he returns Noah will be starting school! I talked to the school bored and they said that Noah can skip preschool and start kindergarten in September if I teach him all his colors and numbers and some letters. Liam left five days ago and I think the kids are Ok, they don't seem upset. I've been feeling a little nauseous and really tired lately. I think I might  need to take a pregnancy test because I got these symptoms with Noah and Aubrey.. I'm 24 in 6 months and if I am pregnant then the new baby and Aubrey will be 13 months a part. My mum is going to watch the kids for a few hours until grocery shopping and test are done.  The new house is 45 minutes away from my parents,and I have to be their in an hour so we have to leave in 15 minutes.   Noah Hunny go get your jacket and boots on and wait by the door, while I get Aubrey in her boots and jacket. Ok mum he said excitedly. Noah really likes going to my parents. I picked Aubrey up and put her on her changing table. I changed her clothes and then put her new blue jacket and new blue shoes.  I picked her up and then put her in her carrier, I grabbed Noah's hand then we got to the car. I opened the back door and then put Aubrey and Noah into their car seats. I closed the door then got into the drivers seat and put my seat belt on. I started the car and then pulled out of the drive way..

~Skip 45 minutes~

I pulled into their driveway then unbuckled my seat belt, I got out then helped the kids out. Noah ran and Aubrey snuggled into my arms. I walked in and my mum was in the kitchen. She took Aubrey then I gave Noah a kiss on the cheek and started driving to the pharmacy near my moms house. I parked the car and then walked into the store. I walked to the pregnancy test area then grabbed a few. I paid for them and then drove to the grocery store. I grabbed a cart and picked up a few things..;

Orange juice


apple juice

animal crackers





chicken breast

granola bars

cheese nips





and apples..

I paid for the groceries then loaded them up into the car. I quickly drove home and unloaded the groceries. I grabbed the test then went into the bathroom. I peed on the stick and waited for 5 minutes. It came up positive, I squealed then took another one just to make sure. It came up positive. I got into the car and drove to my mums to pick up the kids...  



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