My little family

My name is Leah Riggs, I'm 23 and I have a three year old named Noah, his dad left me before Noah was born. 8 months ago Noah's dad and I met up a few times, and a week after we decided to never talk again then I found out I was pregnant..... I'm expecting a baby girl on June 8th that's in a month. I live In a three bedroom apartment that my parents had bought me, I don't have a Job so sadly my parents are supporting me and I'm great full. But what if I'm grocery shopping with Noah and I bump into him... sequel is comming soon


5. 2 months old/ moving in..

Aubrey is now officially two months old, also we are moving into our new house tomorrow!

The kids are at my parents for a week until we are fully moved in and i'm excited!!! Liam and I just need to pack the rest of the boxes and move them into the moving truck, the house is about 2/3 miles away so when Noah's older he will be going to a different school. Noah actually starts school in September, because he's four on March 4th. ( Aubrey's birthday is on January 5th, right now it is March 3rd.) All of our kitchen , bathroom , living room , and bedroom stuff is packed up, so tonight we are sleeping on the floor next to the small fire place. 

( present time)

Liam I called, Yea babe? , help me carry these boxes to the truck. Will do, Liam said pecking my lips. While he did that I was going to go out and order dinner at Cecile's. I slipped on my shoes and coat then got into my car.  I drove to Cecile's then got into the line. When it came to my turn I took my wallet out and ordered to fettuccine pasta's and two Cesar salads with two Pepsi's. I waited ten minutes then got my food. I got back into the car and drove home.,....


Liam! hand me that box please i called. We were finally moved in and just unpacking the last few boxes. The kids were coming home at noon and then we are celebrating Noah's fourth birthday! Liam passed me the last box and I put it on the shelf. The kids rooms where painted and organized, the whole house was fully ready. I'm going to go take a shower k Liam? Yes babe he said pecking my head. I grabbed a towel from the cupboard and then walked to the master bathroom. I turned on the shower and let the water heat up. I got in and then rinsed my body off. I got out then changed into my black high wasted shorts, a white and blue striped tank top, and my grey toms. I tied my hair into a messy bun then walked down stairs. Happy Birthday Baby boy I yelled running to Noah and picking him up...

~To be continued really tired so night y'all~

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