My little family

My name is Leah Riggs, I'm 23 and I have a three year old named Noah, his dad left me before Noah was born. 8 months ago Noah's dad and I met up a few times, and a week after we decided to never talk again then I found out I was pregnant..... I'm expecting a baby girl on June 8th that's in a month. I live In a three bedroom apartment that my parents had bought me, I don't have a Job so sadly my parents are supporting me and I'm great full. But what if I'm grocery shopping with Noah and I bump into him... sequel is comming soon


4. 1 month old/ is this our house?

It's been 1 month since Aubrey was born, Noah loves her and now she is one month old,

She is getting pretty big and defiantly Noah and her are Daddy's girl/boy.

(Pics below)

Our month has gone by fast, Liam and I have been searching for a new bigger house and we might have found one but we don't know we have an appointment to go see the house this afternoon...

I woke up to Aubrey crying, Liam I shook him awake, when Noah get's up you get him ready while I get Bree ready. He nodded then sat up. I got out of bed and slipped my robe on. I walked to Bree's room and slowly picked her up. Shh baby girl mummy's here shh I cooed. After calming her down I put her on her changing table. I changed her nappy then changed her into charcoal leggings, a grey sweater dress, uggs , and  her little beanie. She smiled, I picked her up and then walked to the living room. I sat down and put her on my breast feeding pillow. I lifted my shirt and started breast feeding her. After she finished I burped her and set her in her swing, leaving the monitor on. I walked to our bedroom and of course Liam was asleep. I walked to Noah's room and got him up. I let him pick his outfit out and then I went into the kitchen to make breakfast. I decided on making a quick batch of  french toast with honey, fruit and whipped cream. I grabbed three plates ( 2 glass , 1 plastic) and two glasses , one sippy cup. I made a decent serving for Noah then put it on his plate and filling his sippy up with milk. I put him in his booster seat and gave it to him. I walked to our bedroom and jumped on sleeping Liam. He screamed and nearly died (jk). WHy did you do that he moaned?? Because you never got ready with Noah.. anyways breakfast is on the counter and you need to be dressed and have eaten in 10. He bolted out of bed and quickly got ready while I made the diaper bag then got the kids in the car.

Whats in my diaper bag?:

 2x as many diapers as I use in a day, A whole package of wipes (good for everything), Zinc cream, 2 complete changes of clothes for LO (minimum a diaper shirt, onesie plus hat), 2 swaddling blankets, 4 baby facecloths, 1 Diaper change pad, A hand-powered breatpump (Medela Harmony), An extra bottle of breastmilk (if FF, I'd pack twice the amount you plan to use, and keep some dry formula and bottled water on hand), Extra bottle in case the first gets dirty, Favourite toys, Wrap carrier, Fleece blanket, Change of clothes for mama (shirt and bra/cami), Mama's pads, Breast pads, Lanolin, tylenol/ibuprofen and Mama's other meds, ziplock bags, Tissues, Pen and paper....

We drove to the house and it was big and amazing and affordable, after looking around we decided to buy it....

The house^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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