When Niall and Amy meet they instantly click. But they're bad for each other. The toxins they give off is breaking them. Who will break first?


8. two years later

I am missing you

And still do

Love you too

Losing you I have fears

That are not faked

These or tears of 

Heart aches


Niall's POV

Two years ago. Two years ago I made a mistake. But it was the best mistake of my life. I fell in love. And I should've known I would break. Because anything that falls eventually breaks. But why did I break so fast? Why was her lovely face so brief? Why is she told to be dead? She has been missing for two years today. And they gave up. The police gave up on her. So they said, she's good as dead. So now I'm left to grief over her. Why am I left behind? Why, Amy. Why did you leave me here? “hey, Nialler, you okay buddy?" I look up with a fake smile. “Yeah, Liam. I'm good." “Good. C'mon we have a concert to go to." I get up from the couch and walk out of the tour bus to screaming fans.


Amy's POV

Two years ago a family on a holiday found me. Bloody, unconscious, and in snow. I told them I had no parents. I lied telling them that I couldn't handle my town. That I was constantly reminded of them so I had to leave. The took me in. Told me their from America. Said they'd take me to an orphanage if I would like. I agreed of course. I couldn't stay here. I had to start over. Maybe For the better. But I forgot of consequences. One being, how much I missed Niall. God. Words couldn't start how much my heart aches right now.  But what makes it worse is that he's all over newspapers and magazines. The one and only Niall Horan in the one and only One Direction. My Niall. “Amy! Dinner's ready!" “okay, mom! Be down in a second!" I say in my American accent. I couldn't let anyone know any part of my past. Even if that meant I had to lie to my adoptive parents. Burbs really was starting to get a natural American accent. I walk out my room into the hallway to the dining room. I sit in my seat and eat. 


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