When Niall and Amy meet they instantly click. But they're bad for each other. The toxins they give off is breaking them. Who will break first?


4. the truth is out

Amy's POV

“Bitch, where have you been?" He yells when I walk out. “I was doing homework." I whimper. “Go make me food." I nod and scurry into the kitchen. I make him food. As I start to walk back to my room he yells for me to come back. “B-but I'm tired." I stutter. He gets up. “Did you talk back to me?" Oh God. I was in for it now. 

After being beaten by my dad for talking back, I go in my room and grab my blade. I lock the door. I press the metal to my skin. I slide it across and blood slowly seeps out. I felt no relief so I  did the same thing a few more times. My arm started to get covered in blood. I clean them off and put on a long sleeve shirt. I lay on my bed and think. I think of everything I was called. I think of what my dad does. What I do. I'm useless. An idiot. I hate my life. I cry in my pillow and soon enough sleep takes me over. 

I wake up at 6:15 am. I go through my usual routine. I grab a pair of shorts, a shirt that says nerd and red suspenders. I get my style from my cousin, Louis. He used to wear suspenders. I grab my nerd like glasses and put them on. I put powder on my new and old cuts that cover both my arms. I also cover the glass cuts. I put minimal makeup on my face. As I grab my bag, my phone rings. I look at the name on the screen, LOUIS. I pick up. “what's up, lil cuz?" He asks in a perky voice. “uh. Not much. There is this new guy at my school. His name is Niall. He. Uh- never mind" I say. “is it okay if your old man if I visit?" He asked, his time in America was definitely starting to take its toll. “ill ask" in say and set the phone down. I walk out and my dad is on the couch watching football. “dad, i-is it okay i-if Louis came to visit for a while?" I squeak out. “uh. Sure, just tell him to have his own hotel room. And if he's coming we need this house clean. Got that, little bitch?"  I nod and walk back in my room. “he says it's fine but there isn't room for you to stay in the house so you'll need a hotel room" I explain. We talk a bit more then I tell him I have school. I hang up and walk out slowly with my bag. I say a quick bye and walk out. When I'm outside I almost sprint away from that hell.


Niall's POV 


I get dressed quickly and brush my teeth. I looked back at the clock, 7:15. Crap. I woke up spool late. I run downstairs with my bag. I eat what my mom made, eggs and bacon, then rush out. It wasn't till I was out of my house when I realized how my mom looked. She had bags under her eyes and her eyes were red. Her arms were shaky, nothing like they should be. I decided to call her at lunch. I rush to school. I run into someone. “hey! W-" I start in an angry voice then see Amy on the floor. I hold my hand out to help her up and say “sorry." She smiles waistband takes my hand. She gets up and says, “no, it's okay. I should've watched where I was going." I wondered why she was running so late. “why aren't you at school yet? You are usually in class helping the teacher by now." I ask. “Oh. Uh. I woke up a little late..." Amy answered with her head down. “so about last night..." she cuts me off, “I'm fine, Niall, really." She looked up at me with a weak smile. 


>three hours later< 


Amy's POV


“hey there little bitch, why in such a rush?" The school jock, Jackson, asked. I gulped and choked out, “n-no r-r-reason." He immediately grabbed me and shoved me against the wall. “liar. You're afraid of me, cunt. You don't look to be hurt and I don't like that." He punches me square in the nose. I bite back a scream but a whimper comes out instead. I hear a door to the lou open and someone yell, “LEAVE HER ALONE, BASTARD!" They walk up to him and punch him in the cheek. I'm released and fall to the floor. My head slams against the wall as I fall. I see Niall beating up Jackson. I black out.


Niall's POV


I saw Amy pass out and I immediately ran to her. I pick her up and feel for a pulse. I feel one but with that blood on her arm. She didn't ever get punched in the arm... I rubbed her arm and whatever was hiding the source of blood came off. Under it I found scars upon scars. All self inflicted. A few of them had reopened. I feel anger and sadness fill inside me. Why did she do this? Who made her feel like doing this? I call an ambulance because the cut on her head is gushing blood and I don't want her to get a concussion. They come and take her in the car. I drive behind them. They pull in and rush Amy out. I follow after but the lady in the waiting room tells me I have to stop. I sigh and pace the room. A doctor comes out later. “anyone here for Amy Landonson?" He asks. I walk over to him. “I am." He leads me to her room. “she has a minor concussion and major cuts on her arms. We did some tests and she has severe depression. Do you have any idea how she got hurt like she did?" “most the marks on her arms, no. But her face and head. Yeah. A guy at our school was bullying her I guess and decided to beat her up. I came out of the lou and saw him doing that to her. I stopped him." He nods. I sit in a chair next to Amy. the doctor leaves. I look at her hand open on the bed. I want to grab onto it so bad but I think better of it. I wonder why I worry for her so much. I had only just met her. I realize why. I start talking. “Amy. I'm sorry that guy did that to you. I probably could of thought of a better way to handle it, I'm probably going to get suspended... I don't know why but I just feel like I have to protect you. Like if I don't- well I can't. I have to protect you. From everything or one who will try to hurt you. I know you probably can't hear me but I need to admit something. Amy, I think I'm in love with you. I don't know when it happened but I hate seeing you hurt and I just want to hold you in my chest. " 


Amy's POV


“...I think I'm in love with you. I don't know when it happened but I hate seeing you hurt and I just want to hold you inn my chest." I hear. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't move or talk but I could hear fine. I knew it was Niall. I wanted to wake up and tell him he can't like me. I'm not worth his love. He's to perfect. Sure I like him but I'm me and he's him. It's not going to work. I slowly wake up. I smile weakly. “hey Niall." I blink. He smiles brightly. “hey, Amy. Did you hear anything...?" He asks. “only the end of it. Niall you really shouldn't get involved with me. I'm not worth the time it'd take." He seemed taken aback. “why would you think that? You are worth more than any time I could spend with you." “niall. I like you it's just I-I'm  full of secrets that I'm not sure I can tell." “you don't have to tell me right away. You can wait. You can spread it out. I just want to be with you." I blush and say, “this is why I think you're too good for me. We can try but I won't be surprised if you break up with me." He grabs my hand softly and cups it in both of his. “never." He looks in my eyes. I blush and look down. 


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