When Niall and Amy meet they instantly click. But they're bad for each other. The toxins they give off is breaking them. Who will break first?


2. secret to be told

-Amy's POV-


I came home from school. “where the fuck were you?" My father slurs. “I was at school, sir." I choke out. I looked at the liquor bottles on the floor. Empty and broken. I see my dad grab another bottle. “daddy, put it down please." I say. “you don't tell me what to do!" He tells and throws one of the bottles at me. I wince as the glass punctures my arm. I lose balance and fall back on get more glass. His hand whips down to my cheek. A tear falls down my cheek. I get up and run to my room. I cry on my bed. I try to pull the glass out but I scream when I touch the glass. Someone calls me. I make myself sound like I wasn't crying. I looked at the number. It was the new kid. I answer. “hello?" I say. “uh, I need help with homework. Can you come over?" He asks. “I'm surprised you actually looked at the homework. And I can't because... I have to go to a church thing..." I lie. I hear something fall from the living room. “what was that?" He asks. “OH, it was nothing. One of my books fell. I'm in AP classes so we don't have the same homework anyway." “please. I'll give you a ride." He begs. “let me guess. You can't leave the house till your homework is finished." I guess. “yes, now please come and help me." He begs again. “I can't!" I yell. I hope my dad doesn't hear. “fine then I'm coming over." He says. “you don't know where I live." I say. “oh honey, I have my ways." His voice sounds like my father's. I shutter and wince. He hears me. “what the hell is wrong?!" He asks angry. “n-nothing" I say. Dammit I stuttered. “come over now or I will go to your house." He threatens. “okay. Fine." I say. He tells me his address. I pull out the glass. I clean it off as best I can. I put a jacket on to cover the glass. I apply powder to my bruise on my cheek. Before I leave I go into the bathroom. I find my pocket knife. I st down and make a cut against my arm. I think back to school. “nerd. Smart-ass. Fugly. Useless. Bitch."god. There are so many things they call me. I clean the new cut. I creep out of the house. I hope my dad won't wake up. I walk to Nialls house. I knock on the door and a middle aged woman answers the door. “um. Niall asked me to come to help him with homework." I say. “come on in, love" she smiled and gestures me in. I see Niall on the couch. “hi." I say adjusting my glasses. I am such a nerd. He sighs in a way that's kinda hot. “hey, let's go into my room." He says. 

-Nialls POV-


I notice she's acting different. Like she's hiding a burden that shouldn't be hid. I take her to my room. She hadn't taken her jacket off when it was roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit in my room. (Idk how you measure Celsius) “aren't you hot?" I ask. She shook her head. When she leaned against the wall, I see her wince. “whats wrong?" I ask. “i-its nothing." Amy replies. “it obviously is. Tell me." I say again. I think for a second. She, one, isn't her annoying cheery self, she refuses to take her jacket off. Her jacket covers her arms and wrist. Wrists. No. She backs away slowly. Her shoulder hits the wall and she bites on her tongue. I remove her jacket that reveals many cuts and bruises. Pieces of glass come out in some of the cuts. I don't say anything. I see a tear run down her cheek. 


-Amy's POV-


He sees my cuts. He's going to tell someone then my dad's going to get in trouble. I can't let him get in trouble. I pull the jacket on. “what did you need help with?" I ask. “you are telling me what happened." Niall says sternly. 


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