When Niall and Amy meet they instantly click. But they're bad for each other. The toxins they give off is breaking them. Who will break first?


9. Oh no, please no

Amy's POV

After dinner I ask, “mom, can I walk around the park?" “Yeah, go ahead. But be careful, their was a concert in the stadium next to it." I nod. I go to grab my purse, shoes, and jacket. I look at myself in the mirror. Not too noticeable. I dyed my hair black. I have lots of piercings on my ears and a lip piercing. I am nice around my parents but really, I am a bitch. I make sure everyone knows to stay away from me. Even the football team is afraid of me. I walk out the door while waving a bye. I feel the cool summer night air hit my face. I take a deep breath of the fresh air as I walk down the porch steps. We live just outside of LA. We were close enough to have city life but far out enough for a nice roomie home. I walk down the sidewalk to the crosswalk. As I near the crosswalk I hear screaming. God is that concert still going on? I ignore it and cross the street. I walk looking up at the trees. I run into something somewhat soft but also very firm. “Aye, watch it." I grumble while standing up. “Sorry, love, I-" I stopped paying attention to his words. I knew that voice. “Just go away. Leave me the hell alone you ass." I yell as I shove him out of my way. Crap. I said the last part with my accent. “say that-" “say that again? Okay. Go. Away. Leave me the hell alone. You ass. Did I break that down enough for your dumbass mind or do I need to use littler words?" “Do I know you?" I feel all these emotions fill up inside me. 

Niall's POV

“No," the girl starts, “I do not know any stuck up celebrities that are stalked by every other girl in the world. Sorry I'm a normal girl here going for a walk so if you could go to your annoying as hell fans over there, that'd be great. Or do I have to drag you all the way over there?" She asks impatiently. I chuckle, “You don't like One Direction, do you?" “No I do not." She shoves past me and walks away. I swear to God I know her from somewhere...

Amy's POV

As soon as I'm far away enough I sprint to the forestry area. No one could navigate through there but me so I was safe. In the very center of the tree area is a bench. Under the bench is every type of self harm device you can think of. I sit on the bench and cry. I cry because I just saw my one love and I pushed him away, again. I cry because it's not a fantasy where my prince follows me. I cry because this is reality where dreams die like every other thing. Stop it Amy. You aren't a cry baby anymore. You are a bitch who can take anything. You aren't a weakling any more. You are strong. Now sit up straight. Stop crying. Wipe the tears from your face and walk out with your head held high. I think all of that as I do so. I walk out of the area back to the park. As I walk through I see Niall in the thickness of the trees. I grab him by the collar and drag him out. I hold him up against a tree. “I fucking swear to God. If you try to follow me anywhere or do anything with me, you will die. No I don't care if you're in a boy band. You. Will. Die"

I let him down and walk off. Oh God. Why did he come now? Why?

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