When Niall and Amy meet they instantly click. But they're bad for each other. The toxins they give off is breaking them. Who will break first?


5. almost

Amy's POV

Our faces slowly get closer till we are only millimeters apart. I get nervous and pull back. “uh. Thanks for helping me." I say awkwardly. He nods, “no problem. Uh. Do you mind telling me what happened to your arms..." “Oh. Um. Its nothing... I fall a lot. I bike on gravel trails and, yeah...." I say. “you're lying. I can see it. Please tell me." He asks, his face and voice softening. He seemed so innocent this way. It just made me fall in love with him more. I mumble, “my dad, uh, he, uh, like abuses me..." I bring my head down. He cups it and pulls it back up. “it's okay. I'll make sure he doesn't hurt you." “how? You don't live with me." I furrow my eyebrows. “my mom would be fine if you stayed with us." “i-i-I can't do that. I can't let you and your mom take care of me." “Please let me help, Amy." He pleas. “why, Niall? Why do you want to help me? I'm nothing important." I ask. “darling, you're perfect." Niall whispers. Are lips are almost touching. He finds the courage to close the space. And, just like that, we were kissing. But I pull away. Why did I do that? “I-I-Im sorry. I just ruined that, didn't I?" He shakes his head, “no, love. Not at all."  I was so close then. So close to being with him. But he won't love me forever. He will realize how worthess I really am and then he'll leave. “look, Niall. I'm really sorry but I just get really nervous around you because I'm afraid I'll act like an idiot and won't like me-" 

Niall's POV


I watch Amy as she rambles on about herself and why she is afraid she'll mess something up. I decide it would only be best to cut in. I do it in the fastest way possible. I kiss her. She pulls away again and before she can talk I say, “Amy, it's okay. You aren't going to mess anything up. You need to calm down and understand anything you try will only make me love you more." She nods and looks down. “Niall, can I trust you to keep a secret?" She asks in a small voice. “it depends. Did someone hurt you?" “not exactly..." “tell me." She tries to back out of it, “never mind. Its nothing. I- I just. It's nothing." Why does she keep on doing that? I sigh. “please. I won't tell anyone. I swear." She chews on her lip as she thinks. “Niall, the other day... I um. I kinda like tried to uh. Tried to um kill myself." She speaks in a low whisper so only I can hear her. “when was this??" I ask. “um. The day before school started..." if she succeeded, I would have never met her. If she did kill herself I would be the same dumbass I was before this school. Before her. I feel tears in my eyes and I blink them away quickly. “Please. Don't ever do that again." She nodded. “why do you care? Everyone else doesn't. Why am I the one you waste your time with? What's so special about me?" She looks down at her skinny body with disgust. “I care because you're different. While most girls know of their beauty and show it off, you don't. You don't realize just how beautiful you really are. I love how I can trust that you care about me and you are afraid of messing something up that can't be messed up. Like it or not, I am in love with you." She blushes a bit. 






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