When Niall and Amy meet they instantly click. But they're bad for each other. The toxins they give off is breaking them. Who will break first?


3. all gone wrong

-Amy's POV-

I get a call from my dad. I answer it and walk outside. “where the fucking hell are you?!" He asks in a raged voice. “i-im at a f-friends house." I whimper. “be back in 10 minutes or I swear you will be beaten senseless." He threatens. “o-okay" I answer. I hang up. “sorry, Niall, but I have to go. If I don't get home soon my dad is going to kill me." I say. Luckily he doesn't know I am being serious. But sadly, he thinks I'm lying. “no. You aren't leaving until you tell me what happened." He grabs my hand. I feel my cheeks get hot. I pull my hand away. Niall starts to say something but I close the door. I run to my house. “why the hell did you think it was okay to leave the house without fucking permission?!?" I don't say anything. He slaps me. “speak to me, you bitch." “i-im sorry, sir. I don't know what I was thinking." I stutter.  He knees me in the stomach. I fall to the ground. He kicks me and my arm starts to bleed. A bottle is thrown at my head. “get up bitch!" I whimper and get up. I wince when my body weight is on my leg. I limp to my room. I start my homework. I think back to class to remember what we learned. 

*at school*

We had just taken attendance when the new kid decided to show up. He introduced himself as Niall and his seat is next to mine. Yay. Note sarcasm. He sits down. “turn to page 356 in your textbooks please." Mr. Anderson says. I open up the history textbook. He starts reading from the book. I am more focused on a picture in the book. It's a piece of jewelry. And it looks like something my mother would have. I blink away tears and listen to what the teacher is reading. Mr. Anderson informed me after class that Niall has every class with me. Great. I took Niall to our next class, math. I have AP classes and I don't see how he got in. I don't mean to be offensive but it's pretty surprising. He sits next to me. That's a shocker. Sarcasm. We were learning about pi.  He asks me what we've been learned last year. I catch him up and he gets it pretty well. 


I start doing homework. My face is wet. I realize I'm crying. My mum died three years ago. That's when my father turned to alcohol. He became abusive. I sigh and read the next problem.

15) Find the square root of pi then multiply it by two. What do you get?

do the math. I get about 3.5. I have three more math problems. 

After I finish, I get a call from Niall. I answer. “you are telling me what happened." “no Niall! I can't tell anyone. It's nothing really. It's something I did when I was trying to ride a skateboard." I lie. I was actually really good at riding a skateboard. He sighs. “whatever." “Niall I've gotta go." I say. It was 7:30 and my dad was probably hungry. He says bye then hangs up. I walk out with my head  down. 



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