Not What I Expected

"Look....I really love you. I don't know if you love me back but I don't care what your mom wants. I'm just thinking about now."
I don't know what to think after he said that. But I know he meant it. I can see it in his eyes.
"I do love you. But I don't know if I can live with myself with what I've done."


1. Not One Clue

Cassie's POV

It was a regular Monday morning. I woke up, got dressed, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and went to school.

When I got to school, something was different. Everyone was looking at the busses like something was going to come out and eat them all. I didn't understand why so I just shrugged it off and went to first period. But little did I know, that today was not going to be a regular Monday. Not even close.

So I would have thought that someone died, or someone got seriously sick. But no. It had to be boy bands. So I'm not a big fan of The Vamps, One Direction, or 5SOS. But I surly didn't want The Vamps to go to my school. MY school.

They are apparently off tour right now and wanted to catch up in some school work and knowledge. Cute. But not impressive.

Conner's in my main classes. Math, English, science, and social studies. James is in my health class. Bradley's in my art class. And Tristan's in my Italian class. What joy in my life.

What really got me was that EVERYONE was saying how lucky I was to have them all in at least one of my classes. And how hot they were. And how I don't like them or think they're hot. I think that because I know that they're gonna be like all the other famous people out there and think that they are the almighty and that they are number one. That's what most famous people do.

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