Best friends {COMPLETE}

Hey I'm Angelina. My best friend is a guy. His name is Jack. Jack Dail. He's been my best friend since I can remember. He's always there for me when I need him. But when I get my new boyfriend. I think he gets a bit jealous...


42. The spot.

This is all my fault. My mom reached out her arms to give me a hug. I grabbed my moms keys and ran. I got in the car. I just heard her call my name. Tears were falling fast. I sniffled and sniffled. I stopped as soon as I saw it. There it was. Police were sourrounded by it. There was jacks truck. It was tipped all the way upside down. The other red car was smashed in the front and side. 

Finally the police cars started to leave. The cars were black like they had been on fire. Beep. The person in back of me honked. I ignored it. All I could think about was when me and jack were five. When he gave me his cookie and called me pwweety. And when I puckered up my lips to kiss him he made a nasty face and said "ewww".
i chased him trying to kiss him. 

I smiled at the thought. I drove around a little. No radio. Just my killer thoughts. The last thing I ever heard from his was one word. "Defenitely".

and now I wouldn't hear anymore words. I wouldn't hear his sweet voice. Or see his sexy half smile he did when he spoke. I will never see those killer blue eyes. Or the way he laughed. Never again. Never was a hard word to think. It was hard to think that never meant no more. Done.

i parked at a gas station and just sat there. I screamed. And started beating the shit out of the wheel. I opened the car and started hitting the seat. Just kicking and smacking it until I got tired of screaming and crying and throwing a fit. 
I put my face on the seat and cried hard. "I'm so sorry jack. I should've called you! I should've called you!" I cried loudly. I got in the car and drove again wiping my tears. I checked the time. It was four in the morning. I don't care. I'm surprised my mom hadn't called the cops to look for me.
i drove to the house for sale. I got off and saw that the sign was gone. I walked and opened the door. I walked in and saw the lights were on but I just walked out to the backyard. I saw the thing to his spot. I kicked it open. Everything was there. Perfect. Just as we left it. I smiled and sat down. I grabbed the covers and smelt them. It smelt like my perfume with his cologne. Mixed together as one. Making the most perfect smell.  

I still remmeber what happened the last night I saw him perfectly. After we had sex actually. he smiled and looked over at me as I looked at the stars.


"jack.." I said looking over at him barely noticing he was looking over at me.

"yes beautiful?" He asked.

"do you ever think about Heven? Do you believe in that?" I asked.

"yes and no." He said "I believe there are angels." He said as he looked at me biting his bottom lip.

"jack" I laughed. He pulled me close. "But I believe good people deserve a second chance" he said. I nodded as I layed my head on his cheast. "You know...angels can be bad" I said as I kissed him. He laughed. "Like when?" He said. "Excuse me did you not catch me drunk plenty of times" I said. "Oh that doesn't count" he said laughing. "It so does!" I laughed. "It's okay georgeous...I love you EXACLY the way you are" he said. I looked at him smiling. "I love you so much no words can explain jack" I said.

"then let this explain" he said as he kissed me passionately.


I grabbed as much as I could carry and brought it back to my car. I kept making trips back and forth. On my last trip I realized people inside the house looking at me surprised that I was in their backyard. Oh no. People were living in me and jacks spot. Hell no. I got in my car and drove home angrily. "Finally back?" My mom asked. "Yeah...we need to talk..about a house" I said sitting down.

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