Best friends {COMPLETE}

Hey I'm Angelina. My best friend is a guy. His name is Jack. Jack Dail. He's been my best friend since I can remember. He's always there for me when I need him. But when I get my new boyfriend. I think he gets a bit jealous...


27. Snuck out/ call her


i woke up with the biggest headache. I still had makeup on my face but it was all smeared.

ugh! I washed my face and brushed my teeth because my break was unbelievably bad. I walked downstairs to get an aspirin. My mom was sitting at the table upset.

i walked down and walked and opened the cabinet. "Why did you come back so late last night?" She asked.

"I don't know" I said as I found the aspirin. 

"Oh yes you do. At twelve in the morning" she said. I popped two in my mouth. 

"Chill" I said then drank water and swallowed.

"chill? I will not chill. Your grounded." She said. Annoying. "Okay sure" I said sarcasticly. She looked stunned and mad. I walked upstairs and checked the time. Finally it was a Saturday. I heard a tap on the window. "Hey" I said as I saw Adriana.

i opened it. "Hey were all heading up at ten tonight be ready." She said.

"yeah just knock on my window" I said smiling. She nodded and she was gone. She probabily used the ladder.

i sat on my bed and started thinking what I was going to wear. 


"go to bed early..part of your punishment" my mom said.

"yeah I'm sorry about last night" I said lying.

"it's fine. Just this weekend okay." She said.

"okay" I said then walked upstairs. I did my makeup and got ready. I heard a tap on my window. I put my pillows in my blanket to make it look like me.

i kicked it. Who the hell cares. I grabbed an old jumping rope and I had tied it to the ladder earlier. I pulled it to my window. And climbed down. 

I ran over and jumped in Marcella's car. "Let's go" I said smiling. Then we got to a resteraunt. "What?" I asked.

"what?" Adriana asked. "A resteraunt? Where is the thrill?" I asked.

"I brought booze.. Were just sitting in here and drinking it" Fatima said.

"how did you get some?" I asked.

"fake ID" she said. I nodded.

"well I can't because I'm driving" marcella said.

"how did we get home last night?" I asked as they passed around a whine bottle, drinking it.

"Marcella never drinks unless were at her house" noelle said.

they passed it to me. I took a big drink. "I don't remember much" I said.

jessica laughed "do you remmeber yelling at your X?".

"who jack?" I asked.

"yeah who else? told him that you toe were done. Broken up. And he's not your dad or your boyfriend" she said.

"well he's not" I shrugged. They all laughed.

"yeah he didn't care much when he was sticking his tounge down that other girls throught" Fatima laughed.

"wait what?" I asked as I got the wine again. I took a bigger drink.

"I don't know. Some whore that got here like two weeks again" Adriana shrugged.

i leaned back. "Well I don't care" I said shrugging playing it off. Although it hurt.

"yeah you do" noelle said. I passed the whine. 

"Well it's only been like four days" I said.

they laughed. "Comon it's proababaily just a one night stand" Jessica said.

"you think they?.." I asked.

"maybe" Fatima shrugged.

i got it again and took a large drink.


i sat down with my mom eating popcorn and watching a movie. "Have you talked to Angelina?" My mom asked.

"kinda yesterday...but she didn't wanna talk" I said as I chewed.

"oh well I miss you too being a couple" she said. I looked down.

"you guys were too cute" she smiled.

"yeah well she didn't trust me.." I said.

"why?" She asked.

"I don't know she just doesn't" I said shrugging.

"well maybe she didn't believe you, but she was worried a handsome boy like you, could be taken away like that" she said as she snapped.

"she loves you so much that she was afraid of loosing you" she said.

"I never thought of it that way...I just got so mad" I said.

"we all get mad. But don't loose the best thing you have" she said.

"she's not the best thing I are" I said as I got up and hugged her. She smiled.

"thanks but I think you two need to talk" she said. I nodded. I walked upstairs and called her. 

"Hello?" She said.

oh no. She slurred.

"I'll call you when your sober" I said.

"yeah...wellll I think that girl you kissed...well she's rachet and I don't like her. You, you cheated" she said slurring so much I could barely understand.

"when your sober we'll talk" I said then hung up. 

Oh no she knew about the girl.

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