Best friends {COMPLETE}

Hey I'm Angelina. My best friend is a guy. His name is Jack. Jack Dail. He's been my best friend since I can remember. He's always there for me when I need him. But when I get my new boyfriend. I think he gets a bit jealous...


15. Dress shopping

I looked through the dresses. "No no no no" I said as I looked through them. "Sweetie your going to have to pick one" my mother said. 

"They are all common, not unique" I said.

"I know, don't worry we will find one" she said. I faked a smile. Then I got a text. I checked my phone. It was from jack. It said: jȗṡṭ ɞȏȗɢһṭ ṃʏ ṭȗ×:) һȏẇṡ Ԁяєṡṡ ṡһȏƿƿıṅɢ? <3.

i replied not good. Then put my phone away. 

i looked up and saw the most perfect dress. The top was black with black rhinestones. And the bottom was light turquoise. It was short and poofy. I smiled. "Mom" I smiled.

she turned. "That's the one" I smiled. I took it off the rack and seen the back. The part where the black met the turquoise it had a gap and had a big bow. It was beautiful. It was strapless. I smiled and walked into the dressing room and tried it on. Fit perfectly. It was like it was meant for me. 

I changed back and walked out. I saw the shoes then. They were heels with four straps crossing in the top. Open toed. I grabbed them. "Ready?" My mother asked.

"yeah" I smiled.

she payed and we left. Surprisingly I was excited. I walked in my room and called jack.

"Hello Angelina" he said. I could hear his smile.

"Hey" I smiled.

"So why was the shopping so terrible love?" He asked. I liked that he said love even though he wasn't British or Australian. 

"All the dresses were the same....all too not extraordinary. But I found one. It's beautiful" I said smiling as I sat on my bed.

"Can't wait too see you in it" he said.

"Can't wait to see you in your tux" I said smiling big.

"Oo you can't can you?" 

"Nope but it's tomorrow. I won't be able to sleep" I laughed. He laughed.

"Neither will I. I'll talk to you till you can beautiful" he said.



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