Best friends {COMPLETE}

Hey I'm Angelina. My best friend is a guy. His name is Jack. Jack Dail. He's been my best friend since I can remember. He's always there for me when I need him. But when I get my new boyfriend. I think he gets a bit jealous...


35. Best day ever

As soon as we got there I smelled the lovely book smelled I loved so much. As soon as we got there we saw jack and his mom waiting. He had his hands in his pockets. He smiled when he saw me. "Hey" he said. "Hey" I said.

"you kids don't go to far" his mom said. 

"Were just Ganna hit up the Starbucks" I said. We walked over and got in line. "The twirling your hair? The biting your lip?" He asked. I noticed my self doing it and stopped.

"what you so nervous about?" He asked breathing down my back. I turned and looked him straight in his blue eyes. "I'll get you it...vanilla bean?" He asked.

i nodded. I sat down. Wow jack was just wow. Then finally he brought me it. "Thanks" I said. We sat down and drank. "So what section do you wanna hit up first?" He asked.

"sci-fi" I said. "Nerd" he said smiling. "Jealous?" I asked smiling. He nodded. We got up and walked around looking for the sci-fi section. I drank again. I looked at my cup. And right there it said : I'm in love with you. 

I smiled. "Your so clichè." I said. He turned and smiled. I pulled him close and kissed him passionately. 

"Are we in the romance section?" He asked smiling. I laughed. "I'm in love with you too" I whispered in his ear. Then he kissed me again passionately. 

I threw away my Starbucks after I took a picture of it. We walked and held hands. "Found it" he said.

"yes!" I said as I saw the sci-fi section. I started looking through the books. "Hold this" I said as I handed him two books. He smiled. He kissed my cheek. "Best day ever" he whispered.

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