Best friends {COMPLETE}

Hey I'm Angelina. My best friend is a guy. His name is Jack. Jack Dail. He's been my best friend since I can remember. He's always there for me when I need him. But when I get my new boyfriend. I think he gets a bit jealous...


24. A new me

After school I saw them. There were about seven to eight girls. "This is her" the girl that talked to me earlier said.

"I didn't really get your names.." I said.

"Well I'm Adriana" the one that talked to me earlier said.

"I'm Angelina" I said to them.

"this is Stephanie, Jessica, rosa, denise, Marcella, noelle, Fatima, and alyssa" Adriana said as she pointed to them.

they all had something red except for one.

"So your coming to my house" rosa said.

i nodded and we got in a car. And Marcella drove. We all got to a house. No parents. "My parents work most of the time" rosa said as we got off.

we walked off and walked inside. We all walked into rosa's room. She had band posters. And her paint in her room was red.

"Okay so are we Ganna fix her?" Fatima  asked.

"Not that you need fixing.." Noelle said.

"I kinda do" I said laughing. She laughed.

"Okay well you need to go shopping" Stephanie said.

"Umm with who?" I asked.

"I'll go with you" noelle said.

i noticed another girl was painting my nails black as we were talking.

"Okay you need something red" Adriana said. "Huh?" I asked.

"well we all have something red" noelle said.

"yeah...well everyday you have to wear red in some way" Fatima said.

"Yeah I don't because my car is red" Marcella said.

i nodded "okay".

"No boyfriends..." Rosa said. 

"Well we don't have good relationships... Just flings basically. Why get your heartbroken again ?" Fatima said.

"true" I said. "Tease your hair...unless it's in a bun like this" Adriana said.

"we all have something...unique that takes us apart from the group" Adriana said. She took off her bandana and handed it to me. "Your will be bandanas" she said.

"No it's okay" I said.

"No take it...a nothing thing you are a bit too nice" Adriana said smiling. 

That night noelle took me shopping. Very...different clothes. And a little more black. And little more showing...I suppose. And of course I bought more bandanas. And I learned how to act. And how to do my eyeliner and makeup. I was changed.

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