2. Chapter Two

   I COULD NOT CONCENTRATE in my last class, my attention span was no more. I was just about to doze off when the bell rang. 

   "You may all pack up," the teacher said, followed by pens and pencils clinking together as my classmates hurried to pack up. I did so at a slow pace, not dying to evacuate the class and the school. I didn't care. The building was not my arch enemy like it was to many of the other kids. That's just plain stupid.

   As I walked out of the building and into the open air, I felt the warm sun upon my skin. I felt my tears drying up from the sun. I loved summer. 

    My mind began to wonder as I headed to the park next door. I was meeting a friend there after school to work on an assignment together. It wasn't a group assignment nor did neither of us need help. It was the first task of the year and I believed it would have been fun. Will there be many people? I queried. Is there a table? I had never been there before. Of course there'll be a table, where will we write things down? I don't want my books dirty. 

   I could hear snickering from behind. I probably looked like an idiot with all the fretting. The snickering girls only made it worse as well, I got so worked up that my arms suddenly gave way and caused my folder and pencil case to fall from my arms. The snickering grew louder. It only got on my nerves even stronger, so I hurriedly picked up my belongings and ran to the park. What a bunch of bitches! 

   On arrival, I was welcomed to a completely different sight to what I had imagined. It was no ordinary park, I can ensure you that! The strong yet sweet scent of mixed flora was captivating. The colourfulness of the assorted plants and their flowers were ravishing. It was extravagant! The only missing quality of a park were the people. There was literally no one there. But it suited this park somehow, it was one of its qualities. It was not your average park. Normal parks had little or no pretty flowers, were crowded with people--I speak exaggeratedly--and had play equipment and benches, this quaint little park had none of that, only pure nature beaming from it. And what I loved the most was the rid of rubbish. There were no foul-smelling bins nor were there any garbage at all! It looked as though it was a virgin natural nirvana, untouched by the human race completely. It must have been Chiara's little secret for it seemed as though no one else was aware of this pristine park. 

    My aching legs could not take anymore pressure, I had to sit down.  I dropped down and crossed my legs, sitting down. I took a moment to catch my breath, breathing heavily in exhaustion. The grass was the softest and most comfortable grass I have ever touched, it is even softer that synthetic grass! Maybe I was paranoid, I mean this grass could only be found in one's dreams. I laid my abdomen down and rested. I shut my eyes, concentrating on the smell of nature and the sound of the chirping birds. I was certain this was some prank, it seemed as though I were in a movie, but I decided to enjoy this bliss. I searched the park for Chiara but she was nowhere to be found. I didn't know what was wrong, she is always on time. I decided to start to pass the time, she will have to do the beginning by herself. It wouldn't be hard for her, she could do it by herself.

    I checked my phone. Four o'clock. An hour had passed already. Where the heck is she? She's an hour late! I thought. This was absolutely out of the ordinary for her. 

    "Where are you?" I whispered, getting worried. I was staring at my phone for a moment, trying to think. Then the obvious thought of calling her came to me. Of course! How could I not think of that? I grabbed my phone, swiped to emergency call and dialed her number. This was an emergency. I would look for her but I am clueless on where to look, also I do not know my way around so instead of finding Chiara, I would get myself lost. The call rang out to her answering machine with her speaking in her usual slight Italian accent, "Hi, this is Chiara. Sorry I cannot pick up the phone right now, I am most probably busy or my phone is dead, or it is on mute because of school. Please leave your name and the message you are trying to tell me and I will get back to you shortly." The beep tone sounded as I was thinking of what to say.

"Hi, er, Chiara? This is Charlotte. You are an hour late and I am worrying myself sick. Are you OK?" I ended the call. I switched the mute off and waited. I rested my head and shut my eyes, relaxing, to pass the time. I was not going to do any more of the assignment for it will beat the purpose of coming to this park in the first place.

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