3. Chapter Three

   "HELLO? HELLO?" I heard a voice speak. "Are you OK?" I turned around, startled. The voice belonged to a tall, slim figure. He seemed mature, possibly twice my age. 

   "Y-yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for asking," I replied. I noticed he was clothed in a uniform. Perhaps he was police. He was safe, I felt it.

   "Are you waiting for someone? You know you really shouldn't be here by yourself, especially with no one else to witness if someone tries to hurt you," the man asked and explained, just as if he were some sort of supervisor. He must have been police.

   "Yes, my friend was suppose to meet me here an hour ago, but it appears she is running late," I answered.

    "Hmm, yes it does. Would you mind if I sit with you to make sure you're safe, seeming there is no one else around?" he asked.

    "Go ahead," I accepted with a smile and patted the soft grass, motioning for him to sit down.

      "Thanks," he smiled and sat beside me. I think we were becoming friends. But it was awkward, it was happening way too fast.

    "You are such a friendly girl with lovely manners. There aren't many of you around any more," he complimented.

    "Oh gosh!" I said, blushing. "I'm flattered!"

   He smiled. "I'm glad," he commented, revealing a grin.

   I looked down, trying to keep the conversation alive, when the man pointed to my neck. "What is that? Do you cut yourself?" He seemed worried.

   "What?" I asked. "Oh, no, it's a birthmark. It looks like I have stabbed myself twice but my parents told me I have had it ever since I was born. I think the doctor might have done it when he was cutting Mum open. She had a suzerain."

   "Oh, how peculiar," he commented.

   "Yeah, I guess it just adds to the list of things that make me weird."

   "You are not weird!" he exclaimed as if I spoke about himself. "You may be slightly different but that is good. You don't want to be like everyone else, the world would be so plain and boring without people like you."

   I blushed. "Aww, thank you so much!" I beamed. I felt heat and slight pressure applied on the back of my hand. He had placed his hand on mine. What is he doing? I thought as I glanced at our hands. He realised I had realised and snatched his hand away from mine.

   "I am so sorry, I didn't realise-" he began. I lifted my glance up at him.

   "Don't worry, it's OK!" I interrupted, forgiving him.

   He smiled. "Oh, and by the way, my name is Dylan," he introduced himself, holding out that same hand for me to shake as classic introductions go.

   "Charlotte," I replied, gripping onto his soft warm hand and shaking it.

   "What a beautiful name!" he complimented. This is getting a bit strange I thought.

   "Thanks," I said, starting to feel uncomfortable. 

  "No worries. Hey, are you OK?" he asked, reading my expressions showing discomfort.

   "Yeah," I answered, trying to look comfortable.

   "Are you sure? You don't look too happy," he pushed.

  "Yes, I'm fine," I muttered then focused my vision on the grass.

  "No, you- look at me," he instructed. I gasp as he placed his hand upon my chin and gently lifted my head up. I looked at him thinking, What is he doing? "Tell me what is the matter. Look at me."

  I obeyed him and glanced up at him though I remained silent. I was trying to avoid his eyes as I usually do with people--I don't know why I do--but my eyes were pulled to his like a magnet and were caught in the gleam of his eyes like a fly stuck on fly trap tape. His were fixed to mine as well. It was creepy but... I liked it?



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