Frozen love (a jelsa fanfiction)

This is a Jack Frost and Elsa fanfiction. It's also on wattpad under my account Lizzyirwin517 teehee... Anyway I hope you read and like it! :)


7. Chapter Seven


The morning I woke up and jack was sitting in a chair by the window. "Good morning." I say. "Morning." Jack says standing up. I sit up and pull the covers off of me. "Did you sleep well?" I ask. "I just sat here looking out the window." Jack says staring out the window. "You didn't sleep?" I ask. He shakes his head, looking down at his hands. "I never really do, I just sit and think." He says. "Jack, I never got my answers?" I say. He looks up at me, frost frozen in beautiful patterns on his hands. "Then ask away. That's all I'm good for today." Jack says standing up to face me.  "If you're dead, then how can I see you?" I ask. He laughs, "I'm not what you'd call a ghost, I'm not alive, but I'm not a ghost. I'm what you might call, a guardian. You see me because you believe in me." Jack says. "So if people don't believe in you, then they can't see you?" I ask. "Yes." Jack says. "So The people in the ballroom, if they didn't believe in you, when we were dancing they would only see me dancing by myself?" I ask. "Pretty much." Jack says grabbing my hand; As he grabs my hand The frost slowly melts off of his. "Great. So, um. Why do you have my hand?" I ask. "Because we're leaving, we're going to the north mountain." Jack says. "Do you think she's there?" I ask as he drags me to the window opening it and smiling.  "We can only hope." Jack smirks pulling me closer.      "This may not be a good time to ask, but um how are we getting there?" I ask. "Hold on tight and you'll find out." Jack says. I grab a hold of jack and i hold on tight as slowly we blasted into the sky.       "Couldn't we have walked?" I yell over the sounds of the wind whipping around me.  "That would have taken too long, and we don't have that kind of time Elsa." Jack says.      "I'm not really a fan of flying!" I say looking down at the long drop beneath me hoping i didn't fall.  "Hey, look up at me." Jack says. I look up at him, he smiles. "I wont let you fall, just keep looking at me."      We glide through the air, i look at him the entire time. His face looked determined, as if there was nothing that could stop him from doing what he planned.  "We're almost there, but I don't like what's ahead of us." Jack says.  I look in front of us, the sky was engulfed in black clouds, the colour of the darkest night. As soon as we hit the barrier between light and dark the clouds had taken us in, and there was no sign of our escape route. Around the what appeared to be the middle of all this darkness, was a large castle as dark as the sky. We almost didn't see it, but there was a bright light shining from it. As fast as Jack could, he landed on one of the balconey's. the floor shook, but slowly regained it's sturdiness. It felt as if we kept walking that the floor would sink beneath us, i guess Jack could see it too, because he held me close ready to escape if we needed to.  "Be on Guard, you never know when we might need to escape." Jack says as we entered the dark castle. there was no one around and the entire castle was quiet.      'Is it supposed to be this quiet?" I ask.  "What do you think snowflake?" Jack says sarcastically.  "I'll take that as a no then." I say.        "I have a bad feeling about this." Jack says squeezing my hand.  "Ow, hey loosen up!" I say, his hand slowly loosens and he looks down.      "Sorry." He says.  "Don't be, it's fine." I say.      "I guess i'm just worried." Jack says.  "I'm the one who's supposed to be worried, he took my sister." I say.      "Yeah." Jack says.  "Okay, well why are you worried?" I ask.      "I guess i'm worried about you." He says looking around.  "Me? why?" I ask.      "Because you could always see me, and you're my friend. We're in this together, if Pitch were to take you. I-I don't know what i would do." Jack says.        I take his face in my hands and turn it towards me.  "Hey, i'm not going to leave you that easily. Don't worry, Okay?" I say. He nods, just as a sudden noise came from another room.       "Hide!" Jack says dragging me into the shadows behind a large pillar.  The noise we heard was a door slamming shut, In walked Anna, with pitch trailing behind her.     "Will you please cooperate!" Pitch yells.  "No, just you wait. My sister is coming to save me." Anna pouts crossing her arms.     Pitch sighs putting his hand to his face.  "Listen here Flame head, I wasn't try to grab you. If anything, i wish i could take you back just so you would stop speaking to me. But i cant, because that would mean that i admitted defeat to Jack frost. Which i will never do." Pitch says.       "Jack frost?" Anna asks.  "Why are you questioning me?" Pitch asks.     "He's real?" Anna says, her eyes widening.  "Of course he's real flame head. Who else would i have as my enemy? That sissy tooth fairy, The sleeping one, That pesky Santa clause, Or even that horrible rabbit? No, It's easier to take out the weakest link, the one who hasn't been a guardian as long as the others. The one who used to be human." Pitch says.      "Wait, so you're telling me, that the tooth fairy, the sandman, the Easter bunny, Santa Clause, and Jack Frost are real?' Anna asks.  "How many times do i have to say yes before you get it?" Pitch asks annoyed by my sister.      "I get it, I just can't believe all the stories are true." Anna says. "By the way, Mr. Dark and scary. Exactly what would happen if I tried to escape?"  "Well, Considering you don't know how to get out. You'd fall to your death. So, please feel free to escape." Pitch says. Wow, he really doesn't like Anna.       "Then i'm staying until my sister comes to save me!" Anna says turning her back to him.  "Great, hopefully she comes soon so i don't have to kill you. But then again if she does come, she wont be able to leave." Pitch says laughing as he pushes Anna to exit the room.       "Quit pushing me!" Anna yells. "Quit being the pain in my side!" Pitch yells back. "I swear, your voice is the thing i hear in my nightmares." 


  A/N: Hey guys, sorry this chapter took so long, i had serious writers block for a while. I mean it wasn't that long, but i didn't get to publish this chapter when i wanted to. So i decided to make this chapter longer for you guys, hope you like it. ~Lizzy
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