Frozen love (a jelsa fanfiction)

This is a Jack Frost and Elsa fanfiction. It's also on wattpad under my account Lizzyirwin517 teehee... Anyway I hope you read and like it! :)


5. Chapter Five

Still Jack Frost's pov

"Who is that?" I heard from a guest.

"Was he invited? He doesn't even live here!" A guest exclaimed.

Pitch! (Bet you guys guessed right!)

"Jack! Who is that!" Elsa said as I held her back from him.

"Where are you, come on. I know you're here. Why don't you just come out from the shadows, don't think I can't see you." Pitch said.

Slowly I walked out of the shadows and faced him.

"Jack Frost, what a pleasant surprise!" Pitch hissed.

"What do you want pitch?" I asked as Elsa slowly walked up behind me and I held my arm out to stop her from walking anymore.

"I just came to take your little friend." Pitch said as he pointed his long boney fingers towards Elsa.

"Why?" I ask.

"Why? Well I need to have a little chat with her." He smiled creepily.

I moved my arm behind Elsa's back and pushed her to my side and held her close to me.

"You think you can protect her?" He asked. "Don't you remember what happened last time you tried to beat me?"

"I remember, but this time it will be different. I know what I'm doing!" I shout.

"Oh do you now? Oh Jack, but you're just a child. You don't know what you're saying." Pitch hissed.

"You don't know what you're doing! I am not a child! I know more than you think I do!" I say.

"Jack, who is this?" Elsa asks.

"No one you need to be acquainted with!" I spit out.

"Now jack, that's no way to talk to your girlfriend now is it?" Pitch asks.

"I think you might be scared she's going to leave you."

"I'm just trying to protect her! You're a nightmare, and I don't want you to do anything to her and have her disappear! Just like everyone else I cared about!" I shout.

"How sweet, but you can't tell me what I can and can't do. Don't you remember? I'm smarter than you." Pitch says.

"If you are smarter than me, why did I win our last fight?"I ask.

"I simply let you win that one, but this time I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut this fight short and just take my prize now." Pitch says.

"What prize!" I exclaim.

"The prize that I want." Pitch says.

"Which is?" I ask.

"Her." Pitch says as he points at Elsa.

"No!" I shouted.

"Yes." He grins.

"You know, from far away I can see that you truly are ugly." Elsa says.

"Elsa, don't join in!" I say.

"Really, me? Ugly! How dare you. I consider myself beautiful." Pitch says.

"And who told you that? Your mother?" I ask. "Sorry pitch, but I'm going to have to cut this little chat short, no you won't be getting your "prize" today or any day."

"That's what you think." Pitch said as he darted towards Elsa but her little sister Anna jumped in front of her and that's who pitch grabbed and disappeared with.

"Anna!" Elsa screams, but it's too late and she's gone. "Oh, Anna, no. No!"

"Elsa, are you okay?" I ask as I went to touch her shoulder she backed away.

"This is your fault!" Elsa shouts.

"How is it my fault!" I ask.

"If it wasn't for you and that stupid pitch guy, Anna would still be here. She could be anywhere! I promised my parents before they died that I would protect her, and I don't even know where she is!" Elsa shouts as tears start to come down her cheek.

"Elsa, I'm really sorry. Just come here." I said as I pulled her into a hug and she cried on my shoulder. "I'll get her back Elsa, I promise. I'll get her back."

A/n: hey guys! Sorry if this chapter is a bit short, I barely had time to write and I wanted to update for you so here you go, and sorry if this chapter isn't that good, again I kinda rushed this chapter.

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