The Horrifying Secrets Within

Topaz Scott Is a normal 13 year old girl. When her and her family move to a small town, Mysterious things start to happen. A little too Mysterious almost paranormal..... Topaz begins to worry, could this town have secrets? That people don't know about? Or do they? *Note: My first attempt of a horror book, bare with me, also this is just made up. and if anyone who scares easy reads this, I suggest you don't. (AKA: Please if you scare easy DONT READ THIS!!!)* COVER: Cover made by CorkyPorky :)


6. Chapter 6

Topaz's POV

Dylan and I didn't argue with mom, we just went upstairs. When we got in we locked the door tightly.

"What the actual F*** was that?" Dylan cursed

"I know!" I said

"Well, I have to go to the washroom, I swear Topaz if you leave this room.." He said strictly, clearly he is worried about me.

I nodded and he quickly grabbed a knife and went out the door shutting it tightly.

~A few minutes later~
Dylan must of decided to take a shower, so I look around his small room. I notice a small box of posters of his favorite sports teams. Well to shed some light on the situation I should try and cheer him up by putting up one of his favorite posters. I grab a few thumb tacks from his dresser drawer and pin one up. but as im pinning the first thumb tack in the wall starts to ooze red blood. I stopped, horrified. I took a deep breath and stuck yet another thumb tack in the wall, more blood.

I continued this for awhile, I mean where is this blood coming from!?

I give up and yell for Dylan. As soon as I do he comes running in his hair soaked.

"Topaz? What is OH MY GOSH! DAD! MOM!" He shouted

My parents didn't respond, Dylan took my arm and dragged me down the stairs to see My mom doing her fitness exercises (With ear buds in) and my father listening to his ipod. They noticed us and pulled off their ear buds.

"What is it? shouldn't you two be in bed?" Asked mother

"Yes its really late" Added my father

"No, There's blood, on the wall!" Dylan said

My father bolted up the stairs, and I followed. As we were walking up them he asked me what had happened

"I was thumb tacking some posters and blood started coming out of the wall!" I exclaimed

When we got there though, all was left was holes and cracks where the blood had dripped.

"Dammit Topaz! You need to be more careful!" My father exclaimed inspecting the cracks and holes in the once blood dripped wall.

"No! There was blood there! Im telling you the truth!" I shouted in frustration

"No, your lying. Im going to get the plaster out of the shed in the back yard, so I can fix it in the morning" My father said angrily. He stormed out of the room and Shut the door

I turned and cried hugging Dylan, the only person who believes me.

~Half way through the morning *About 2 AM*~

I awoke to scratching and scraping and thuds, Oh no! Someone is breaking in the house!

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