The Horrifying Secrets Within

Topaz Scott Is a normal 13 year old girl. When her and her family move to a small town, Mysterious things start to happen. A little too Mysterious almost paranormal..... Topaz begins to worry, could this town have secrets? That people don't know about? Or do they? *Note: My first attempt of a horror book, bare with me, also this is just made up. and if anyone who scares easy reads this, I suggest you don't. (AKA: Please if you scare easy DONT READ THIS!!!)* COVER: Cover made by CorkyPorky :)


4. Chapter 4


One of the wolves, the biggest, jumped up at us barely missing our feet. Dylan pulls me back into his room and locks the door. I help him push his desk over the door incase they jump onto the balcony. I then noticed something, If the wolves can get to Dylan's balcony, can they get to mine too?

"Dylan we need to shut my balcony door, and put something over it." I said and he nodded. I held the knife in my hands and we walked out of the room with only a flashlight, 2 knives, and a cat. Who is being a scared cat. We enter my room. The doors open and the wolves are so close to reaching the top. one just makes it on the balcony, its claws are scraping against the floor of the balcony. Just clinging there! 
Then slowly he starts to slip and falls, all we hear is growls. We shut the doors and block them. We run back to Dylan's room and lock the door behind us. I sit on Dylan's bed. How could this get any worse?

~ilove1Dandnialler  and  ~catz2345

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