The Horrifying Secrets Within

Topaz Scott Is a normal 13 year old girl. When her and her family move to a small town, Mysterious things start to happen. A little too Mysterious almost paranormal..... Topaz begins to worry, could this town have secrets? That people don't know about? Or do they? *Note: My first attempt of a horror book, bare with me, also this is just made up. and if anyone who scares easy reads this, I suggest you don't. (AKA: Please if you scare easy DONT READ THIS!!!)* COVER: Cover made by CorkyPorky :)


3. Chapter 3

Topaz's POV

A shadow? My breathing gets heavy and I rub my eyes. I can tell the shadow doesn't belong to me, or Cuddles... It was a tall shadow. I rub my eyes again and its gone. I quickly shut the curtains and light a few more candles. The lights always make me feel safe. I sat my candle on a small tray and walked to my Parent's room at the end of the hall. I knock on their door and they open it.

"Topaz, what are you doing up?" Asked my mother yawning

"I think there might be a man in my room." I said with a shaky voice

My parents bolted up right and My father grabbed a pillow (First thing he saw plus he is half asleep.) He ran to my room, threw open the door causing the candles to blow out, well all except the one on my candle tray.

"Where was he?" Asked my father.

"Balcony." I said and he threw open the balcony doors and curtains.
"ANYONE OUT THERE? IM ARMED!" He roared and there was nothing, but dead silence. then there was a creak and a light appeared from the other balcony. Dylan emerged holding a flash light.

"Dad? Topaz?" He asked in a sleepily voice

"Topaz thought she saw a man, did you see anything Dylan?" Asked my father.

"No, I just got back from using the bathroom before you started yelling." Dylan said. My father shrugs and stalks away from my room. I shut the door and light the candles. I shut my bedroom door and walked to the balcony. I hopped the short distance away onto Dylan's balcony. I knocked and he opened the door holding the flashlight and a knife?
"Oh its you topaz, get in quick." He said pulling me into his room, and locking the balcony behind him I noticed his room also had no blood stains

"Why are you holding a knife?" I asked

"Because there is something or someone lurking out there." He said. My brother always told the truth no matter how cold and scary it was.

"So you seen the shadow too?" I asked and he nodded.

"I was bored so I was reading a comic book." He started.

He took a breath and shuddered remembering the shadow.

"Then I seen the shadow." He said.

"I was reading, and Cuddles hissed. I looked out the balcony door and seen the shadow." I said.

"I knew moving into this house was a bad idea." He muttered pulling out another knife. He handed it to me and said in a barely audio whisper:

"Im going to go get the candles from your room. You stay here and if you see anything scream and use the knife." He said and I nodded. He took his flashlight and went to the door. He slowly pulled the door handle and quickly stepped into the dark hall. The darkness swallowed him up but a minute later he emerged holding all the candles smoking. (He must of blew them out.) Cuddles was also with him.  He shut and locked the door quickly and cuddles hid under his bed. He placed the candles around the room so the whole room was lit up. A soft howl came out from outside that made me jump. The more I listened, The more scared I get. It sounds like there are more then just one wolf, and they sound hungry. I creep out side with Dylan closely behind me. To my horror I see the wolves are closer then they appear, by that I mean exactly below us!

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