The Horrifying Secrets Within

Topaz Scott Is a normal 13 year old girl. When her and her family move to a small town, Mysterious things start to happen. A little too Mysterious almost paranormal..... Topaz begins to worry, could this town have secrets? That people don't know about? Or do they? *Note: My first attempt of a horror book, bare with me, also this is just made up. and if anyone who scares easy reads this, I suggest you don't. (AKA: Please if you scare easy DONT READ THIS!!!)* COVER: Cover made by CorkyPorky :)


2. Chapter 2

Topaz's POV

I didn't think I just ran. I ran down the stairs and almost tripped. A streak of Charcoal flew by me. I seen Dylan standing in the middle of all the chaos. He had scratches all over him. His dark brown hair was ruffled, and there was a broken vase on the ground. It was mother that screamed. the creak was the door, the hiss and charcoal streak was Cuddles, and the curses came from Dylan and my father.

"What happened?" I Asked

"We Brought Cuddles in, all of us almost slipped from the wet rain. (Caused the creak) Then I was holding the vase and cuddles. I set cuddles' cage down and I went to pull him out and he just attacked me when I opened the door. I dropped the vase, and mom screamed. now were all cursing." Said Dylan out of breath. I nodded and went up the stairs. I still need to unpack. I started to unpack and I noticed Cuddles was Hiding tucked away under my bed. I should let him calm down after that. I finish un packing my books and clothes when I feel like something or someone is watching me. I slowly turn around and see nothing. I go out onto the balcony and notice im out looking at the woods. It would be beautiful if it weren't so forbidding and dark. I turned back to my room shutting and locking the balcony doors. I Light a few candles because its getting dark and we wont have cable or power until tomorrow. I slip on my PJs and sit on the deep violet carpet. I keep seeing stains in this house, they look like Blood stains. I pull out a random book off the shelf and read. A soft hiss comes from Cuddles. I inch my way toward him.

"Here cuddles." I coaxed. He inched his way out and arched his back looking at the balcony doors. I wonder why... I turn to face the balcony doors, but instead to my horror I see...


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