The Horrifying Secrets Within

Topaz Scott Is a normal 13 year old girl. When her and her family move to a small town, Mysterious things start to happen. A little too Mysterious almost paranormal..... Topaz begins to worry, could this town have secrets? That people don't know about? Or do they? *Note: My first attempt of a horror book, bare with me, also this is just made up. and if anyone who scares easy reads this, I suggest you don't. (AKA: Please if you scare easy DONT READ THIS!!!)* COVER: Cover made by CorkyPorky :)


1. Chapter 1

Topaz's POV

I quickly threw on my sweater and finished packing my bag. In a few hours I will Be going to A small town in the middle of nowhere that no one has probably ever even heard of. I sit on the floor because my bed is already in the new house. My charcoal cat comes striding through the small crack in the door.

"Hi cuddles." I say patting him. Dylan my older brother named him when he was just a boy and I was just a baby. Now im 13. and he is 17. Most people have suspicions about dark colored cats, they say they bring bad luck. I don't believe in that. Well the cats part anyway...

"Topaz Were leaving, Could you get the last boxes from your room please?" My mother called from downstairs. I quickly picked up the last large box and small box and brought them down the stairs. I put them on the floor by the door and my father picked them up and brought them to the car. Dylan came by me with the cage for Cuddles. He (Cuddles) followed me down the stairs. Dylan placed some cat treats in the cage and Cuddles hopped in. He shut the cage and with one last glance we all headed out, and piled into the car.

~A few hours of driving later~
We arrived in the small town. It was raining and for some reason I got this feeling of forbidding. Cuddles let out a small hiss, which is odd he is normally so friendly. We pulled up to a house. Its shingled with pieces of shingle falling off. We must be on the outskirts of town... There is a large forest surrounding the area. The house is large, has two balconies (one is mine and one is Dylan's. We already discussed it.) On the first level there is a broken window. The house is surrounded by a black picket fence with deadly looking spikes surrounding the property. But the creepiest thing about the house: The tree in the front yard. It has tons of spiky looking thorn branches, and the crumpled Autumn leaves look almost as red as blood. You would think it might just be blood... We get out of the car into the pouring rain, I take my boxes and Father opens the door to the house. Its huge but creepy. Its dark, with few windows and the carpets are dark but in the corner of one side near the stair case is a small stain that is a dark red... I think it may be blood... I walk up to my room with the feeling that someone is watching me. I turn left and walk up to my room. I nervously pull the handle to see a small room. There is the balcony, and my bed is in the corner. My dresser stands in the middle of the room against the wall. Perched on top is my T.V In the other corner is my large book case. I have to fill it with my books tonight. I set down the boxes and just turn around to hear a loud creak, a crash, a scream, a hiss and a string of curses....


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