His special day


1. New chapter

July 23, 1829

Harry waited for Louis to walk down the alle. His hands are sweating. He didn't really mind but it was his wedding day what else could you expect. It was a few minutes before the music started to play as Louis came out the door. Everyone turned their heads towards him. Harry smiled which Louis returned. Louis suddenly forgot what was around him and looked at harry smiling. Before Louis knew it he was next to Harry. "I'm glad I'm getting married to you, even though your a vampire, I don't care" Louis whispered to Harry. It made Harry smile even bigger.

Once everything was said. It came where they said their vows. "I promise to love, Louis Tomlinson for eternally, I really mean it. Death will not keep us apart. I'll find a way. I will always love you" Harry remembered it his vows by heart. Louis was next. "Harry Styles " Louis continued and smiled,"Harry no matter how hard things get just remember, I'll always love you no matter what. Forever and always". After their vows they had to do one last thing. Harry intertwined Louis's hands with his. "Do you Harry styles take Louis to be your groom (bridegroom)"? The priest asked. Harry smiled.

"I do".

"Do you Louis Tomlinson take Harry to be your groom (bridegroom)"? The priest asked.

"I-" a gun shot was heard. Everyone started to scream everyone but Louis. He was silent but to everyone's surprise Louis was the one to get shot but right on the heart.

"L-Louis"? Harry whispered. He quickly bent down to him.

"H-Harry I'll b-be ok, I love you" Louis whispered. Harry couldn't keep his tears in.

"Harry his only chance is to turn him" Harry father told Harry.

"You can't, your bite won't work he's already dead" someone said from behind Harry.

"H-he can't be" Harry stuttered. Harry heard Louis heart stop. He started to cry on his chest. He kept whispering 'I love you'. He looked behind him to see who was the one with the gun. But whoever killed Louis was gone. Everyone that was at the party ran out because of the gun. He was alone with Louis lifeless body laying there. Everything they had planed for the future to spend the rest of their life was now ruined.

A funeral was held for Louis. Harry didn't have the heart to come. He stayed home laying in bed trying to keep Louis out of his mind. Harry didn't really need sleep but since Louis's death everything seems dead to him. For the first time in two months Harry goes out for once but it was dark out. He was casual looking when a human approached him.

"What a long face, little shit" a drunken man said to him. Harry wasn't in the mood to even talk to anyone but this guy got on his nerves. He threw a punch at him and instantly started bleeding. Harry felt good for once. He kept on punching him until his heart beat wasn't beating anymore. Harry killed a innocent man. This was his first time so he placed him somewhere nobody will find him.

After that his heart was cold. He turned into a monster. Killing every person he saw, not drinking animal blood anymore. But that day when Louis died, he thought one day. One day he was going to kill that guy/girl that killed Louis. He also promised himself to never love again.

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