Dark Horse

Liam Payne the good guy in One Direction, Daddy Direction, The mature one but when Liam comes across Jamie Johnson a perfect Goth girl and rebel and the Mayor's daughter little do they know what is to come is about to rock the core of both of them forever.


5. Voices

 “I hate you!” My Mum screeched at my Dad, I sat on the stairs watching them fight knowing they didn’t know I was there.

“You’ve been planning on taking my daughter to live with the guy you’ve been sleeping with and you expect me NOT to react!” My Dad said. “She’s MY daughter too!”

“Yeah well it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been so busy with that stupid government!” Mum said throwing a plate. “I’m taking my daughter before she gets dragged into this!”

“She already has been.” My Dad said. “You brought her into this the day you fell pregnant so don’t go blaming me!”

“You know what I’m leaving I’ll be back for Jamie don’t you worry!” She said before storming out and slamming the door behind her.

I shot up closing my eyes trying not to remember but there it was in my head just like yesterday the last time I saw my mother before she was killed in a car accident.

“You okay?” A voice asked making me glare at it.

“I’m fine.” I snapped lying back down and closing my eyes.

The concert was annoying I’ll tell you that and Liam kept looking at me from the stage as I continued to listen to Black Veil Brides and Evanescence.

I blocked them out during the rest of the show I didn’t care about them I didn’t want to be here but I had too. Trust me if I had my way I’d be going around and staying a misfit but there was something about Liam and I didn’t know what.

‘You brought her into this the day you fell pregnant’ those words stuck in my head, the death of my mother was mainly the reason I became Gothic, but the other part was the pressure my Dad put me through.

‘Behave like this, behave like that, talk like this, walk like that etc.’ and I was sick of it.

I ripped my headphones out and walked into the bathroom looking in the mirror I saw it well saw her.

‘No one would want you! Your ugly! Worthless!’ My Dead Aunty’s voice said in my head.

“No!” I screeched punching the mirror leaving a large hole in it. “I’m not!”

She disappeared and I felt my heart racing at the look of my crushed hand but I didn’t care this was the real world and in the real world the strong survived.

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