Dark Horse

Liam Payne the good guy in One Direction, Daddy Direction, The mature one but when Liam comes across Jamie Johnson a perfect Goth girl and rebel and the Mayor's daughter little do they know what is to come is about to rock the core of both of them forever.


2. Meeting

I rode around on my bike, mainly going in circles with my hoodie on.


I rapidly stopped my bike nearly going over the handle bars in doing so I stopped and looked up.

"I have someone I want you to meet." My Dad said. "Put your bike up and come inside."

I groaned and when he turned around I stuck my rude finger up at him hoping he hasn't seen it I stepped my foot up on the petal and rode up the steep driveway and jumped off my bike sitting it aside I ran inside stopping aruptingly when I saw my no good excuse of a father talking to 5 guys.

"Dad?" I asked unsure of this. "Who are they?"

"Jamie this is One Direction." He said stepping aside and revealing 5 guys who stood there. "Your going to be working with them for  the next year."

"No. Whoa no no no no no no!" I screeched. "I will not work for 5 snotty brats."

"Come on it will do you the world help you clear your head get your god damn act together!" He said his eyes practically pleading me to go.

"When do I go?" I asked him.

"Tomorrow." One of them said finally speaking it.

"It's you." I growled.

"I see you got changed." He said a smirk playing on his face I laughed.

"Oh you wish you were there huh to see me pure naked." I said in a smart ass tone.

"Hey! Stop it! Go pack your things now!" My Dad said sounding sick of me I laughed walking up the stairs.

"You love it." I muttered.

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