Dark Horse

Liam Payne the good guy in One Direction, Daddy Direction, The mature one but when Liam comes across Jamie Johnson a perfect Goth girl and rebel and the Mayor's daughter little do they know what is to come is about to rock the core of both of them forever.


6. Change

Liam’s POV

“I like her.” I admitted to Niall who was sitting on the couch. “She’s different she’s not afraid to speak her mind.”

“She’s Goth Liam are you mad?” Niall asked me.

Maybe I had gone mad, but I really had fallen in love with her and I had a plan but I needed Eleanor here and she wouldn’t be here for another week.

“I think I can change her.”

Jamie’s POV

“Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for the boy already have you?” My grandmother asked on the other side of the phone.

“I don’t know what happened Gran we fight but there’s something different about him.” I said to her hoping she’d understand.

“Do you want to stay Goth?” She inquired sounding like my Mother I guess that’s where Mum got it from.

“No Gran but it’s the only way I know how to express myself.” I argued hearing a throat clearing I looked up and saw a girl with Brown hair standing there looking at me. “Gran I have to go.”

Hanging up I studied the girl she could easily be a model, and I hadn’t even seen her before.

“Hi I’m Eleanor.” She said walking in.

“Jamie.” I said awkwardly. “Can I help you with something?”

“I couldn’t help but hear you didn’t want to be Goth anymore what’s stopping you?” She asked me.

“Everything.” I mused watching her. “Who are you by the way?”

“Oh sorry I’m Louis’s girlfriend.” She said. “I came her earlier on Liam’s request.”

“So?” I asked knowing it wasn’t my problem.

“Well how about a girls day my treat I want to get to know you.” She said a smile forming on her face.

“I’m not into that sort of stuff.” I said disgusted by the thought of it.

“Trust me all that is about to change.” She said.

“Oh no.”

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