Dark Horse

Liam Payne the good guy in One Direction, Daddy Direction, The mature one but when Liam comes across Jamie Johnson a perfect Goth girl and rebel and the Mayor's daughter little do they know what is to come is about to rock the core of both of them forever.


7. Attitude Adjustment

2 hours and 5 minutes later we were standing in a hair dressers more like I was arguing.

“No way I’m not getting rid of my black hair!” I said practically begging for her not to do this.

“Come on please you practically scare everyone it wouldn’t hurt to change.” She begged giving me the puppy dog eyes.

I sighed giving in. “Fine but if this doesn’t work out I’m killing you.”

Well turns out now we were walking through the shops picking an outfit that wasn’t Black apparently she wanted to go overboard why I was doing this? Because she kept giving me puppy dog eyes.

She picked out white shorts, white singlet and a pink flower hoodie with grey girl Nikes making me wear them as soon as we brought the ‘new’ outfits she made me take out my piercings except my belly and took off the dark make up.

“Now you can look.” She said.

“I’m going to kill you.” I muttered turning around to where the mirror was and found myself shocked by what I saw. “Holy crap.”

“I know.” Eleanor said and I felt all my dark emotions slip away as I pulled El into a hug.

“It’s beautiful.” I said pulling back from the hug and looking at myself unbelievable by what I saw.

“Always trust Eleanor Calder.” She said amazed. “Come on let’s get you back before everyone thinks I’ve killed you.”

Soon we were laughing it off as we walked into the stadium where the boys were practising mostly mucking around, I sat down happy to relax and be smiling I felt like a whole new me I no longer felt like a dark horse.

“Hi!” Eleanor called making Louis jump off the stage and pull her into a deep kiss.

“Who’s the babe?” Harry called his eyes not once leaving me. “Where’s freak face?”

Eleanor pulled back from Louis and smiled. “One Direction meet Jamie Johnson, Jamie meet One Direction.”

“Thanks for calling me a freak Harry.” I said amused by his reaction I stood up and walked up the stairs. “I appreciate the compliment.”

“Where’s the Goth?” Zayn asked.

“Dead killed her it was Eleanor’s idea practically gave me puppy dog eyes because I wouldn’t do it must say though Louis I have to give El some credit not bad that girl.” I said.

“Not bad you’re hot!” Harry said high fiving Niall.

“Hey guys sorry I’m la…” A voice said pausing making me turn around and look I felt all my emotions come back not the bad one’s the good ones. “Who’s the girl?”

“The freak.” I said studying him. “Liam I need to talk to you.”

“Sure follow me.” He said directing me to the dressing room he shut the door and I leaned against the dressing table watching as he stood there.

“Wow.” He said finally.

“Liam I’m sorry for the way I treated you I was a bitch and a freak and you deserved better.” I said before I could stop myself.

“No I should be sorry I didn’t give you a chance but now I mean wow look at you.” He said studying me.

“Yeah I should go now I need to apologise to the others.” I said walking towards the door only to have Liam grab me and push me against the wall taking me by surprise.

“Not yet.” He growled making me catch my breath his eyes studied me and instantly our mouths collided into each other.

The kisses were soft and passionate. My arms began to snake around his neck and tangle in his light brown hair. He held me in his iron grip, pulling me closer and closer until we had practically dissolved into each other. The kisses got harder and more animalistic. As if we needed each other to survive. He groaned slightly moving his hands to my thighs lifting up I wrapped my legs around his and he pushed me against the wall both desperate to feel each other against us which was different compared to the hot feeling I was experiencing inside my chest.

Just as Liam went to undo my shorts we were broken apart by the door bursting open and I jumped away immediately running through ideas in my head when I came up with one and immediately acted on it.

“Get away from me! I hate you!” I yelled.

“What the?” Niall asked confused and I looked at Liam that practically pleaded ‘Play along.’

“You’re so stupid even when you look like that some things never change do they!” Liam yelled. “Your arrogant and a spoiled brat!”

“You know what I’m done with this! I’m not playing that card because I am sick of you I might as well go back to London!” I screeched.

“You do that!” Liam yelled and I stormed out slamming the door behind me I smiled walking towards the stage.

‘Well played Liam well played.’ I thought.

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