They're Dangerous || Trilogy to He's Dangerous

How could Ella care? Not after what Marcel did. She had left and things had changed, isn't that what always happened? She resided in California while Marcel laid, heartbroken in Florida. They couldn't be further from each other. Each tear is another closer to moving on. Until the day Ella decides to move on. For good. What happens when Marcel decides to show back up into Ella's life without warning, ruining everything she had pushed herself away from? All at once everything comes crashing down. Can Ella and Marcel fix whats been broken? How can they when they're dangerous? Get ready because Marcel and Ella are back with more drama, tears, smiles and lies then ever!


4. Memories



   I shook my head, pulling away as we both heaved out our breath's. I didn't just do that. No. Tears waved in my eyes as I looked down at Michael who had awoken during our little...make out session. Hurt was laced through his features and I gulped, shifting on my feet. How could I explain this? I just told my ex fiancé how I still loved him, and then made out with him. Sorry.

   "Michael..." I began but his quivering voice shut mine down completely.

   "I can't believe you!" He spoke in shock, pushing himself up from the ground as he dust his clothes off. I wanted to disagree but I couldn't. He was right, in fact he was so right I felt the same way. I couldn't believe I had just did that. I promised never to think of Marcel again and I broke that, kissing him is a whole new level of no.

   "I'm so sorry, it was a mistake!" I hurried and I saw the hurt flash so obviously in Marcel's eyes. I wasn't making this any easier and I was guaranteed that by tonight, Michael would be gone. The hurt on both of them combined broke me and I found myself wishing I wouldn't have opened the door.

   "Ella! Wake up! It's obvious you have feelings for him! Choose!" Michael spoke, his voice loud and deep. My eyes widened as I shook my head. I can't choose. Not because I didn't know who I wanted, only because I knew who I wanted couldn't be the right one.

   "You can't just drop all this pressure on me!" I shouted in anger, my hands flying into the air.

   "I have too! Just choose me! It'll all be done with!" Michael spoke and it caused my expression to harden. Since when did he become so selfish? I sighed, turning to look at Marcel.

   "You know, two months ago I would have told you to pick me. Now though, I just want you to be happy angel." He let out a breath as I gave him a small smile, letting out another sigh. What was I to do? I knew who I wanted but was he really the right decision?

   "Whose it going to be?" Michael snapped as I gave him a rock hard glare. I looked between the two males, thinking about everything I've gone through with each one of them. No, I couldn't do this. I cared about them both and let choose one and let the other down would destroy our friendship. I cared too much and because of that, I would choose neither.

   "Neither." I answered as they both shot out a what

   "I'm sorry but neither. Marcel, you know why. Michael. You bombed me with all this pressure so suddenly and tried to manipulate me into choosing you! That's not how it works! In fact, I should choose Marcel because he said he's okay with who I choose as long as I'm happy! Where's the sweet Michael? I don't like this selfish prick!" I mentioned, as he listened, crossing his arms, He couldn't be mad at me because he knew God damn well I had a valid point.

   "Then go and be alone, I'm out." Michael muttered, taking his keys from the table and sliding them into his pocket. He slid his jacket on walking outside into the warm spring air, and getting into his door. Just as he closed it, I yelled the truth.

   "Good, leave! I chose Marcel!" I shouted and with that he drove off. Why had I just said that? I turned around awkwardly to see Marcel looking down at me with a concentrated yet utterly surprised gaze.

   "You...choose me?" He asked in surprise as I took a deep breath, nodding.

   "How can I not? You're the only guy I've ever loved!" I replied as a smile turned on his rose colored lips. I missed him so bad, not to mention his smile that would give me butterflies each and every time. I missed him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down as our lips met tenderly. His hands immediately met my lower back, pressing me deeper into the kiss. I forgot the taste of his always smooth lips. The feel of his tongue gliding over mine. Better then anything Michael could ever try and accomplish.

   "I love you so fucking much." Marcel mumbled into the kiss as I nodded, not replying but pressing the kiss. His expansive hands groped my thighs, lifting me as my legs wound around his torso. Our breathing mingled together and my hands were rushing to reach the hem of his shirt where I pulled the bothersome material. I quickly pulled away from the kiss, admiring the tattoos that inked his once bare skin. I noticed a couple new tattoos, and they only added to the beauty of it all. My small hands traveled up and down his tanned torso before reaching the hem of his skinny jeans. I gently pushed my hand in, palming him as a groan escaped his rosy lips. A smirk of satisfaction left my lips and he soon grasped my wrist, pulling my hand away.

   "Such a God damn fucking tease!" He muttered as I giggled, my back pressed up against the wall. I flinched, memories of Florida rushing into my mind. His slamming me against a wall, burning the house down. I took in a sharp breath, pressing my hands against his chest as he set me down.

   "Are you okay angel?" He asked as I shook my head, leaning my forehead against his collarbone.

   "Uh..." I paused, pushing my hair back as I looked around.



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