They're Dangerous || Trilogy to He's Dangerous

How could Ella care? Not after what Marcel did. She had left and things had changed, isn't that what always happened? She resided in California while Marcel laid, heartbroken in Florida. They couldn't be further from each other. Each tear is another closer to moving on. Until the day Ella decides to move on. For good. What happens when Marcel decides to show back up into Ella's life without warning, ruining everything she had pushed herself away from? All at once everything comes crashing down. Can Ella and Marcel fix whats been broken? How can they when they're dangerous? Get ready because Marcel and Ella are back with more drama, tears, smiles and lies then ever!


15. Five Months Late + A/N

Ellas PoV


  Have you ever felt everything inside of you shatter all at once? Nothing was left but broken pieces, cutting you as you tried to fix what was broken. The realization that Michael was now beating Marcel set in, as tears sprang to my eyes. I stood in shock, unable to comprehend what exactly was going on. Marcel reached up to send a punch to Michael's jaw, throwing him off focus which gave Marcel the chance to flip him over. Marcel pulled him up by his shirt collar, slamming against the nearest tree as I shouted his name.

   "Marcel!" My voice sounded like a young, innocent girls. Broken in fragments and desperate. It brought back memories of when I was crying for my parents and all at once, I was hit with a wave of flashbacks. My voice cut off, as I stared wide-eyed at the ground. My head pounded, my hands gripping my hair for stability as I leaned against a tree. The punching sounds from the guys had stopped and I assumed whatever was going on, had stopped.

   "Ella? Baby? Listen to my voice..." I heard Marcel plea, and I could faintly feel his hands gripped around my arms.

   Listen to my voice, it's my disguise.

  "I-I..." I stammered, unable to escape the gruel memory.

   "Just calm down babygirl, everything is going to be okay." Marcel assured me, scooping me into his arms as I clung to him tightly. I never wanted to let go, never wanted to part. He was my everything and without him, I was never complete. I took in a deep breath, his scent lulling me to a happy place.

   I rested my head against his shoulder and very faintly could I hear his loud heartbeat, racing fast. A smile pulled at my lips as I pressed my lips sweetly to his jawline. I felt his skin pull into a smile, as he looked down at me.

   "We never get any peace, do we angel?" He chuckled lightly, his grip tightening on me. I yawned, my eyes squeezing shit as I curled up in his muscular, yet gentle arms.

   "I guess not..." I mumbled, my words slurred together with the thickness of sleep.

   "I'm sorry about everything I've ever done to you Ella." He apologized as I nodded my head, a faint smile taking away at my lips.

   "I hurt you again and again, and I screw up but it's just my fucked up way of saying I love you." He continued. Although my physical attire showed my tired state, inside I was hyped. I was listening to every word his said, admiring how he talked slowly, his accent more prominent with certain words.

   "I try to be the best I can for you, but it's hard because the more freedom you have, the more likely you are to leave me." He added on and I could practically hear the hurt in his words. I took a breath to show him I was listening.

   "I screw you over and over again and yet you choose to stay...why?" He asked, obviously not expecting a response. I let the words sink in, truly giving the question thought. Why did I choose to stay with him? He's given me plenty of reasons not to. Yet despite all the bad memories we have, I wouldn't trade them for anything because we still had the most amazing memories as well.

   At this point, it's hard to imagine what life was like before we ever met. Before Marcel Styles had walked into my life with all his piercings and tattoos and shattered my world.

   "I shouldn't ask you to answer...I should know." He finally spoke again.

   "I don't deserve you and I know so many people think that but yet baby...I'm selfish and I can't let you go." He urged himself on and I could picture the look on his face. Eyebrows knit together in thought, pout on his lips as he bit his lip in memory.

   "Don't let me go..." I responded, holding him tighter then I ever had. Through my eyelashes I could see Marcel look down at me with a smile on his cherry colored lips.

   "I would never angel." He reassured me as this time, sleep really did take me over.



   I woke up, the car moving and immediately I sat up. Marcel looked over with a smile as I cocked my head to the side. A tow truck was pulling us along the road, and far ahead I could see the city.

   "I thought our phones were dead?" I asked, obviously confused.

   "Yeah, well finally a car came down the road and I stopped them and asked if they could call a tow truck!" Marcel answered as I nodded, still slightly confused.

   Nevertheless, I'm happy were finally moving away from that spot we were stuck in.

   "I never did say happy birthday.." I trailed off, Marcel looking at me amused.

   "You're about five months late baby." He chuckled as I felt my cheeks turn red.

   "Well...happy five month late birthday!" I smiled goofily as he laughed, pressing his lips to mine. I smiled into the kiss before we both pulled away, admiration sparkling in both of our eyes.

   I could spend the rest of my life with this guy, he could hurt me over and over and yet admiration would still be there for him.





SOrry its short but I hope you enjoyed! The laptop is finally working which means UPDATES!! WOOOOOOP xD Love you guys!


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