They're Dangerous || Trilogy to He's Dangerous

How could Ella care? Not after what Marcel did. She had left and things had changed, isn't that what always happened? She resided in California while Marcel laid, heartbroken in Florida. They couldn't be further from each other. Each tear is another closer to moving on. Until the day Ella decides to move on. For good. What happens when Marcel decides to show back up into Ella's life without warning, ruining everything she had pushed herself away from? All at once everything comes crashing down. Can Ella and Marcel fix whats been broken? How can they when they're dangerous? Get ready because Marcel and Ella are back with more drama, tears, smiles and lies then ever!


6. Could it be better then me?



   I woke up, the sun shining brightly as I flung my arm to the side. A deep, raspy groan emitted from Marcel's lips as he turned, wrapping his arm around my torso. A smile involuntarily turned up on my lips, as I looked sleepily at him. My eyes were barely opened but from what I could see, I was happy to be here. His tanned, tattooed torso was stretched across the comforter and I couldn't help but reach out and trace over them. Marcel opened one eye, a goofy smile on his lips as I observed my concentrated face.

   "Did they hurt?" I asked as he shrugged his shoulder, looking down at his chest.

   "At first but I got used to it." He answered as I nodded.

   "I don't know how you do this! When I got my belly button pierced, I was shaking with anticipation and fear!" I admitted sheepishly, my hand rubbing over the piercing.

   "Aw! I wish I was there! I'm serious though, Ella. That thing is hot as fuck!" Marcel groaned, thrusting his hand up my shirt to gently play with the metal. I smiled, savoring his warm touch as I dug my head into the fluffed pillow.

   "I'm tired. And hungry." I stated randomly, finally opening my eyes as Marcel sighed, sitting up.

   "I'll make breakfast?" He suggested as I nodded eagerly. He smiled, quickly getting out of bed and only then did I realize he was naked.

   "Marcel!" I squealed, covering my eyes as I threw a pillow at him. He laughed, standing still as he opened his arms wide.

   "Not anything you haven't seen baby girl!" He smirked, before pulling on some boxers. It's been months, I didn't need the reminder. In fact, as bad as it sounds, it frustrates me that I haven't had him near me. Our fight proved a large barrier and right now he stood too far from me to do anything.

   He hurried from the room, towards the kitchen where a delicious smell was already accumulating. I wonder if he missed me in the way I missed him. I mean, there are an infinite number of ways I missed him but in such a way I was just thinking. I know we were good now, and happy but I still couldn't help but wonder whether any girl he had hooked up with were better then me. The idea drove me insane. It also drove me to the kitchen. I wore an over sized t-shirt, Marcel's and my underwear, my feet cold due to the floor.

   "Marcel?" I asked, eying the pancakes he was flipping on the stove. He nodded his head, sliding the pancake onto a plate before starting another.

   "You know those...girls?"

   He halted his movements, looking over at me, arching his eyebrows.


   "Were they...better?" I asked awkwardly as he set the pan down, hurrying over to me as he grasped my shoulders.

   "Not even close!" He reassured, with a lingering kiss. I smiled, humming in appreciation as he went back to flipping pancakes. Still, an uneasiness settled within me. I wanted to prove to Marcel something.

   "Stay still." I demanded, walking over to Marcel. It was obvious he was confused but said nothing. I bent down onto my knee's, pulling down the sweatpants he had at some point put on. Marcel took in a sharp breath, aware of what was next. I slid his boxers down quickly, taking him in my hand as his grip on the handle of the pan tightened.

   "Ella." He warned but I paid no attention. I took him in, pumping what I couldn't fit with my hand. Marcel hissed, his hands dropping the pan with a clatter before tangling in my hair. He urged my deeper and my lips wrapped tighter around him.

   "E-Fuck." He cursed, tilting his head back as his eyes fell shut.

   "Y-El-, fuck, fuck, fuck." He muttered and he released. I smirked, swallowing everything I could before letting him slip from my hold.

   "Fucking best." He breathed, cupping my face before hastily pressing our lips to each others. I smirked against his rosed lips, pulling him closer as he pressed himself against me. We never did eat those pancakes.





Hey guys! Sorry its short but I wanted to get something up! Please dont give up on this story! Ive been so busy packing and with school lately! Im beginning to fall behind in my studies and things are getting rough! Please bear with me! Love ya! :) x



If you read this all comment anything you want :) x

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