Lost and Found


1. Chapter 1

"Ashley get you ass back in here!" I just keep walking to my room. I needed to get out of here. I needed to think. I hear my mother stomping after me but I don't care. "ASHLEY!" I ignore her calls and walk into my room.

Okay, so before you get utterly confused, or have no common sense, my mom and I are having a fight. Over what well, I don't even know. She

just started screaming at me and of course I, trying to defend myself,

fought back. I hadn't even known what I'd wrong. In my room I grab my

skateboard, iPod, and the book that I was in the middle of reading.

Walking out of my room and past my mother, I can see the veins in her

forehead popping. I needed to get out of here before I said something that I would regret. I run down the stairs and out the front door, immediately jumping on my skateboard and heading to Starbucks.

I walked into Starbucks and put my skateboard by the door. I went to the cashier and ordered a Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino with extra

whip cream and waited for them to call my name for it. I sat down at a table and open my book and begin to read. Hoping my anger of my mother

will go away.

Niall's POV

"Come on Lou. We gotta get outta the hotel. You're gonna drive yourself mad." I stare at Lou who has that solemn look on his face. Eleanor had called a couple days ago to tell him that she was leaving him. He had just stopped crying and it had been a rough couple of days for us all. His eyes were still red and I haven't seen him smile since he answered the phone to her call.

"I can't Niall. You don't understand. I really loved her." I let out a sigh and grab his arm, pulling him up. He was going to get out of this hotel whether he like it or not.

I dragged Louis into the closest Starbucks and made him sit down. I

order two coffees and sat down at the table next to Louis.

"Come on Lou. Cheer up. You can't spend your life dreading about

Eleanor . There are many other girls in the world.

" I know Niall, but I thought she was the one." Louis said not even

looking up from the table. I sighed and looked around and spotted a girl reading a book all alone.

"Hey Lou. Go talk to her. She looks all alone."

He sighs and looks at her a bit unwillingly but when she finally

enters his line of sight a dazed look passes in front if his eyes. I smile knowing that I had accomplished something. Lou looks back at me

with wide eyes.

"Who is that Niall?" I shrug not really knowing and go back to siping my coffee as he continues to stare at her. Then I hear something that tears my heart up. I hear a girl screaming. I look

around to see if I could find her and get her to be quiet in time. Lou had heard her to and covered his head with a hat and sunglasses running Over to the girls table and sitting down while I has to run out if the building. Damn him.

Louis POV

I sat down at the table with the girl after I heard the screaming. I surely wasn't leaving without getting her name at less. I looked at the girl while she looked at me with terror.

"Umm.. hello." She said.

" Hi I'm Louis." I said reaching out my hand.

" Ashley." She said awkward shaking my hand.

" Sorry for bothering you, but I just wanted to know who you are." I told her.

" Your not bothering me, but I was shocked that you just sat down next

to me." Ashley said.

"So what is a pretty girl like you sitting here all alone?" She raises an eyebrow and closes her book carefully marking her page.

"What would it matter to a young man like you?" I chuckle. She was sassy wasn't she.

"Well I was just hoping a boyfriend wasn't going to come and murder me for talking to you." She lets out a laugh and I smile. Her laugh was beautiful. I could have listened to it all day.

"No. I'm all alone." I smile but it drops when I see Niall out the window telling

me that we need to leave. I take out a piece of paper and write my number on it handing it to her.

"I need to go but call me sometime ok?" She nods her head surprised and I get up running out of Starbucks.

Ashley's P.O.V.

I looked at the piece of paper with Louis's phone number on it. Wow is

really what I could say. I grabbed my book and my skateboard and rode

it to my house and ignored my mom. I went into my bedroom and clasped

into my bed and looked at my ceiling until sleep took over me.

As my dreams overtook me Louis comes to my mind. He had seemed

familiar but I couldn't place where I knew him from. I knew he didn't

go to my school. I didn't have time to think more on it because my

dream had over taken me. I was in a forest on the ground and all

alone. I was lost. I had no idea how to get back home.

"HELP!!!!" I scream it as loud as I can but to no avail. No one was there to rescue me.

"HELP. HELP!!!" I kept screaming hoping someone will help. Then I saw

a figure in front of me pulling me up from the ground. It seem that the only thing I could see was it's grey stormy eyes. the figure lead me through the forest into a street that seem familiar. Then I knew I was near my house

I look at the back if his head trying to figure out who this stranger was. It seemed like I knew him from somewhere but where. I just couldn't figure it out. We get in front if my house and he turns around. I try to see his face by the only thing in focus are his eyes.

"If you ever need help I'll always be here to protect you and help you." His voice sounded familiar too. Who was this man? I didn't know but I needed to find out who this man was.

"Who are you?" I see the crinkle by his eyes that shows he's smiling.

"I'm the man of your dreams. The man that you think you hate but will realize you love. Just remember, you don't need to be guarded from everyone." And with that he vanished.

I woke up by the buzz of my alarm clock and realize I need to get ready for school. I put on black skinny jeans, a white tank top, a dark red ' I'm Not A Morning Person' shirt, Dark red converse and a black beanie. I straighten my hair and pulled on my beanie. I went down stairs and fond breakfast already made for me. I sat down and eat a piece of bacon and thought it might be a good time to text Louis.

Not caring that it was early I pull out my phone and shoot him a text.

"Hey it's Ashley" I waited for a minute waiting for a response and when I was about to give up he texted back.

"hey how are you?" I find myself smiling at his response.

"I'm good. About to head to school but good." I grab some bread and put it in the toaster for my breakfast feeling hungry. It pops and I put the butter on it savoring the taste. I hear my phone been and smile knowing he had responded. I looked down at my phone happily.

"good to hear that , I hope you have a great day. I'm about to leave

here In about a min. with my friends. Hope you have a great day love.


I smiled at myself when he added the two x's. I look at the time and see I had 10 minutes to get to school. I grabbed my skateboard and run out the door.

Louis p. o .v.

I put my phone back in my pocket glad that she had actually texted me. She was all I'd been able to think about lately. Unbeknownst to the boys that is. They were just happy that I was getting back to being myself again. Niall walks over to me with a mischievous glint in his eyes and I raise my eyebrow at him.

"So who were you texting Lou?" My

face drops and pales as I hear the teasing on his voice. He knew who I

was texting and he wasn't gonna let me forget it.

"Aww my little Lou has found his real true love. I think this girl is going to be better than Eleanor." My face went straight pale when Niall mention Eleanor. I teared up at the thought about her calling me and telling that she never loved me. I really thought she was my true love. I was actually thinking about proposing to her in 3 weeks, but you know what happened. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I think Niall saw it to because he hugged me.

" Sorry Lou, I didn't mean to mention about the bitch." Niall said rubbing my back.

" It's ok Niallier. It not your fault. It Eleanors."

He hugs me again as Paul walks into the room telling us that it was time to go. I gramp my jacket and walk out with the boys thinking abut what Niall had said. Was this girl really something different? Well of course she was different but every girl was. What I mean is, is there a chance that I could love her like I loved Eleanor? Harry sees me thinking and slows his pace so that he was now next to me.

"You okay Lou?" I give him a nod still thinking about Ashley. She was quite

beautiful and I couldn't seem to get her laugh out of my head. What was so different about her. All I knew was that I needed to focus for this interview. Else all our girls were gonna catch on.

We all piled into the car and waited for Paul to take us to the interview. When we got there I was the first to get out the car even though there was hundreds of screaming fans.

" Lou. Something's wrong. Can you tell me?" Harry said when he cached up with me.

I shake my head no really want the other boys to know about Ashley.

They would all try to set us up. It was bad enough that Niall knew but Harry was my best friend and would do anything to get me happy again even if it meant blind dates.

I sighed as we entered the building and security lead us to backstage. We waited a few minutes before they called us to the show.

" Now welcoming One Direction." The blonde girl said as we entered the room. We all said 'hi' and waved to the crowd.

" How are you guys doing being on tour right now." She said.

" We been good exactly. We are happy that we been on this amazing trip

around the world and meeting new people." Liam said

I was in between harry, who kept shooting me worried glances, and

Niall, who kept giving me smirks. I let out a quiet breath mowing this was going to be a long interview. Eventually, like they always do, they went into uncharted territory with the questions.

"So Louis, we heard about your break with long time girlfriend Eleanor. How are you feeling?" I feel my face plummet at the mention of her name. Why? Why the fuck would you ask someone that?

"Next question please." Liam stepped in a bit to late as everyone had

already seen my reaction and were giving me looks if sympathy.

" Okay. Well their is rumors that you are seeing a new girl. Hey their a picture." The girl said pulling up a picture of me meeting Ashley.

"Is this true."

" No." I said finally able to speak up." She's just a girl I met."

" Okay. So next question. How are you guys feeling being away from your family."

" We all miss are family and greatful for them to cheer us home." Harry said

His sentence seemed a but forced after what had just happened. I knew he hated when people made me uncomfortable. I put a hand on his arms and some fans start screaming Larry while others try to ssh them.

"It's hard being away from our mothers for so long. We're all mammas boys. So it's hard sometimes but we talk to them as often as we can." Liam finishes and we see the producer letting everyone know that our time was up.

" Well That's all the time we have folks. See you next week with Brad Paisley." The girl said as the crowd cheered. We all got up and walked out the building and I felt Harry staring at me.

" Lou can you please tell me what's wrong?" Harry said.

" It's nothing Harry. I'm just a little up set. That's it" I told him.

" Louis. We've been best friends for years now. You can tell me."

"I know I can but this is something I need to do on my own. I'm sorry and I love you but I really can't get help from anyone." I walk away from him quickly hoping to avoid questions and hoping Ashley didn't see the interview. I don't even think she knew who I really was. As in like, the famous boy band and stuff.

Niall comes up to me and runs my arm. I shrug him off and decide to walk to the hotel instead of getting in the van with the boys. It hurt to have to deny that there was no romance between us and I don't know why. It just did.

I walked down the street and passed many shops. I ended up looking in

the windows in shops to see all the happy people enjoying there life.

I soon got hungry and walked into the Starbucks that me and Niall went

to and got a muffin and a coffee. I sat and eat in silence and looked on my phone to see Harry called me 3 times.

" Can I get your name" I heard that cashier say.

" Ashley " I popped my head up to see Ashley carrying a skateboard in front of the cashier

She grabs her coffee smiling at the cashier and heads to sit down with

her iPod buds in her ear reading her book again. I debated within myself abut whether or not to talk to her and bring myself further into the hole I'm already in and bring her with me. I sigh taking out my phone and texting her.

"Hey. How are you love?xx"

I watched her as she looked down on her phone and seen a small smile.

She typed real quickly and put her phone down quickly as my phone


" Good. How are you? x"

" I've been better but I'm good. xx"

She looked at her buzzing phone again and I couldn't help but notice a bit of worry in her eyes as she read my message and replied.

"Why? What's wrong?" I let out a sigh. I would tell her who I was eventually but, I couldn't do it now.

"I like someone but I know that if I date them it will bring a whole lot of problems and they might hate me for it." I type and send it still terrified that I gave away too much. I saw a group of giggly girls walk in and order some coffee and then one of them shrieks.

She was watching the interview on her iPad and it was at the part about Ashley. Dammit! I type a text quickly on my phone. I had to get her out of here before the girls noticed her.

"Hey, Ashley, wanna hang out later?xx"

" Sure. When ?" she texeted back.

" Um now." She looked down at her phone and looked up looking straight

at me. I pointed to the door and mouthed her to go outside. She looked

confused, but she still got up and left. I looked at the girls that walked in and seen them calm down and drinking their coffees and other stuff. I got up from my seat and walked outside to see Ashley on her riding on her skateboard.

I smile but it turns to a frown as I see that she doesn't look happy. I walk up to her worried.

"What's wrong love?" She looks at me with accusation and suspicion in her eyes.

"Why did we have to leave so quickly?" I feel my inner panic rising and was wondering how long I could keep her out of the spot lot and without her finding out who I was.

"It was just really crowded in there." She crosses her arms and I knew

that I had made a mistake. Damn it. How many people had there been in

there anyway?

"Louis, there were six people in there. I would hardly say that's crowded." I look down scared of what would happen if she found out about the interview. Then she gets a call and sighs.

"Hang on I gotta answer this." She rolls her eyes. "Sarah, I was not on TV...what do you mean they had a picture of me with louis Tomlinson....I don't even like the band Sarah....No I do not know louis tomlinson...sarah stop....in front of starbucks wh...NO...Sarah I'm with a friend...doesn't matter....yes you're my best friend but....sarah I'm with my boyfriend..." I zone out after I heard her say boyfriend. What? When did that happen? Then I realized the rest of the conversation that had just happened. Well...shit man...I'm screwed.

I watched her until she was done with the conversation and watched herpress end.

" So what do you mean boyfriend" I asked curious.

" Sorry about that. I had to say that or my friend would be tracking down faster than the FBI."

" Oh kay." I said looking down looking at my feet.

" Hey do you like that band One Direction?" I asked because said she didn't like a certain band.

" Um no." She said

" Why?" I asked

"Because their music is so cliche. It's not even funny. My friend Sarah, the one I was just talking to, she obsessed with them. It drives me just but I love her." I nod slowly taking in what she said. I guess I could understand where she was coming from.

"What would you do if you met them?" She sighs and shrugs.

"I don't know. Probably ignore them." I nod generously. I couldn't let her know who I was yet.

" So what happens if you actually got to meet one and got to know them." I said. " Maybe they actually pretty down to earth."

" Yeah, I pretty much know everything about them. Sarah tells me everything new or everything that they do. She says her favorite is Neil. . Nail.. Niall I think."

" So what do you know?"

" I know their is five members. Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall , and Lewis. I think that he's name. Lewis is 22. Zayn is 20 about to be 21. Liam is 20, so is Niall and Harry is 19."

I nod. This was going to be difficult. I mean, she though we were stuck up concurred jerks. How was I going to be able to tell her that I was part of that.

"Well so you like any of them?" She shakes her head.

"No. None at all and I don't plan on liking them anytime soon." I nod scared of what would happen when I hear a girlish scream. I quickly lower my hat even more and whisper to Ashely.

"Hide. Now."

" Why Do I need to hide.?" Ashley asked a little to loud because their were more screaming, then I heard thousands of footsteps behind us. I looked at Ashley and screamed.

"Run" I Grabbed her arm and ran for me life. We ran into a alley and hid behind a dumpster. I looked at Ashley and seen she had confusion in her eyes.

"Okay, I'm about to explain something very important. I am in one direction. I am Louis Tomlinson. Those girls are chasing me. A paparazzi caught a picture of me with you. Showed it in an interview now my fans are looking for you too." She stares at me like I'm crazy. Then with disgust and stands up.

"I'm out of here Louis. When you can tell me the truth then maybe I'll talk to you again. Until then leave me alone." I watch her walk away not knowing what to do.

Ashley's P.O.V.

I left Louis and walked home. When I reached home I walked inside my

house to she my mom was at work and I was alone. I reached inside my pocket and pulled out my phone. I decided to call Sarah because she can probably explain One Direction to me better, because I know their is not a member named Louis. It's Lewis. Right.? I called Sarah and waited for a few rings.

" hello." I heard her say.

" Hey Sarah. It's me Ashley."

"Hey ash. What's up chica?" I could visibly hear the smile on her face. I let out a sigh.

"I need your help." I look at the pictures of me and Louis on my iPod.

"Can you come over?"

"Sure." I could hear the confusion in her voice but that didn't matter

right now.

"K thanks. See you in five." I hang up and look at the picture of him that I took when he walked out if Starbucks. He windswept hair and blue eyes made him look really hot.

Wait did I say hot. Yes I did. It made him HOT. I kept looking at the

picture until I heard a knock on my front door. I went to the door and

found Sarah with a smile on her face. I gave her a smile back and let her into the house.

"Hey girl." She said giving me a hug and returned her with one back. "

How are you?"

I let out a sigh at he question bringing her to the couch.

"I wish I knew." And gives me a really confused look and I internally

scream at what I was about to ask her to do.

"I need you to teach me about one direction." She lets out a gasp completely shocked. I was even shocked that id said it.

" Really. OMG.. Wait. Why?" She asked.

" I don't know. I'm curious I guess." I said.

" Okay. You know their names right?"

" Yeah I think so." I said pretty much sure I did.

" Okay let's work from youngest to oldest." I nodded as she carried

on." First is Harry Styles. He is 19 years old. Birthday is February 1, 1993. His mother in Anne. He has One older sister, Gemma, who is really pretty. Harry is known as the cheeky one and came up with the name One Direction."

I nod my head in understanding. Okay. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

"Next is Niall. He is twenty years old. His birthday is September 13, 1992. His mother is Maura and he has an older brother names Greg along with a nephew named theo. He's the one everyone wants to keep innocent and he's really funny."

" Now is Liam Payne. Liam is 20 years old and was born on August 29, 1992. His parents are Karen and Geoff Payne and his 2 older sisters are Ruth and Nichola. Liam was on X- Factor before he was in One Direction and came back 2 years later to end up in One Direction. Liam is known as the 'Dad' of the group and is responsible."

"Then it's Zayn Malik. The bad boy of the group. He just turned twenty

one and his birthday is January 12, 1992. Zayn is a Muslim and always

gets a lot of hate for it. He also likes to DJ"

" And Last is Louis ' The Tommo' Tomlinson. Louis is 22 years old and

his birthday is on December 24 1991. Louis has 5- half sisters and his mother name is Johannah but everyone calls her Jay. Also Louis just broke up with is Ex Girlfriend Eleanor."

My eyes go wide. It couldn't be. They couldn't be the same person. It just couldn't happen. I look back at the picture on my phone and show

it to Sarah.

"Is this him?" She looks at it and nods.

"Yup. That's him. How did you get that picture though?" She looks at me a bit confused.

"I took it." This time her eyes went wide.

" How did you take a picture of Louis Tomlinson. I know he is in town. Did you meet him? How did you meet him? What was he wearing? Do you have his-" I cut her off before things got weird.

" I meet him the other day. I was at Starbucks and he came to my table

and talked for a little bit then he gave me his number." I said as Sarah gave me a shocked face

"You were the girl on the interview." I give her a weird look.

"I still don't know what your talking about." She sighs and pulls out her phone looking up the interview. She shows it to me and I can see him tense up when they show the picture. He looked scared. Did he not want to be seen with me?

" When was this." I asked.

" Earlier this morning. I little bit after school started." Sarah said

"So what sis they ask about me?"

" They pretty much asked if you and Louis were going out. But Louis said no."

I nod. We weren't going out but did he want to? I let out a sigh and a groan.

"He tried to tell me and I wouldn't believe him. I told him not to talk to me again until he could tell the truth.

Sarah looked at me with huge eyes and her mouth wide open.

" You did what." she said." You don't say that to people if you don't know the truth. You need to call him write now."

"What do I say."

" Say your sorry and you should of believed him." Sarah said. I pulled

out my phone and called Louis. "Put it on speaker."

I put it on speaker and heard some rings until he answer his phone.

" Hello." I heard a soft voice say

He sounded like he'd been crying. Was it because of me? I immediately started feeling bad.

"Hey. It's Ashely." My voice sounded soft too. Dammit. What was this

boy doing to me?

"Ashely?!" His voice perked up and it made me smile. Sarah looked at me with wide eyes.

"Yeah Lou. It's me."

"I am so so so so so sorry for getting you into all of this and for telling you at the wrong moment." I chuckle a little.

"No it's alright. It's my fault for nor believing you."

"No it is not your fault."

" Yes it is. You've been crying haven't you?" I asked.

" No... Maybe.... Yeah I've had" Lou said sounding more upset.

" Louis. I'm sorry I didn't believe you. You told me the truth and I didn't believe in you and thought you were some liar. Again I'm so sorry. Can you forgive me." I asked pleading at the end.

"Like I said. It's not your fault. But um...my friend Niall might be headed to find you to prove I wasn't lying." Both Sarah and mine eyes go wide as we hear a knock on the front door.

"He's not like gonna beat me up right?" I heard the worry in my voice as Sarah fixed her hair.

"He shouldn't."

I went to the door and open it to find a blonde boy with some brown roots showing. He had blue eyes and was awkwardly standing.

" Your Ashley right?" He asked.

" Yeah, Your Niall, right?" I asked back

" Yeah how'd you know."

" Louis just told me. He's on the phone right now with me. Isn't that right Louis." I said into the phone.

" Yep. Hey Niall."

" Oh. Hey Lou." He said back.

I move over so he can come inside and sit down. I chuckle as I look at Sarah who practically has drool coming out of her mouth.

"Niall this is Sarah. Sarah this is Niall. " she waves slightly too stunned to speak. I chuckle more as we all sit down.

"Niall hoe did you find where she lived?" I see Niall shrug as he grabs an apple.

"I asked around."

" Who did you ask." Sarah asked.

" People who work at Starbucks. People who play on this street. Just around." Niall said as he finished the apple and threw it away.

" So I already know why your here. Your here to tell me about how Louis isn't lying and I need to believe him." He looks at me like I've grown a third eye.

"How did you-"

"I told her Niall. You don't need to yell at her and lecture her about what would happen if she hurt me again." Niall lets out a sigh and stretches.

"Don't worry Niall. It's fine now. I know who he is." Niall nods his

head cautiously.

"But are you okay with who I am?" I knew he was worried I was going to

reject him because of who he was.

"I'm fine with it Lou. Just, please no preppy songs around me. I'll go

to your concerts and stuff but only to support you." I just made it sound like I was his girlfriend. Shit.

" Really you would?" Louis asked.

" Yeah why not. I'll always suport a friend." I said.

" But you said that you'll never want to go to anything one direction."

" Yeah I know but your me friend and I alway give something up for friends. Isn't that right Sarah?" I asked looking at her.

" Oh yeah. One time she went on a double date with me and she was on a

date with the guys brother I was with at the time. And boy's brother is a really ugly guy." She said into the phone. I blushed deeply knowing it was true.

"You still haven't made up for

that missy." She looks at her imaginary watch and jumps up.

"Oh hey look. I have to go. Love you. Bye." She runs out the door and I let out a sigh chuckling.

"I'll get her someday." I can hear Lou start chuckling and I smile while blushing and Niall raises and eye at me.

I looked at him that said' don't say anything' and continued taking.

"Haven't you ever did something for some." I asked.

" Yeah mutable times. Once Louis gave me half his sandwich when I was

hungry. Then There was the time he bought me a bag of crisps when I

haven't eat in 3 hours. Then -"" Niall said but I stopped him.

" Is everything Louis has done for you about food?" I asked. Niall nods his head and I chuckle.

"You and Sarah would get along just

fine." He blushes a bit and I smile. It was my turn to play Cupid.

"So Niall fancies Sarah doesn't he?" His eyes go wide and he gives me a look as if to say 'shut up'.

"Awww. Little Niallier has a crush. My baby is growing up.:" Louis said through the phone.

" Shut up Louis you don't want me to tell-"

" Okay Niall. I'll stop."

" What Niall what were you going to say." I asked Niall looks at me a bit scared and then loos at the phone.

"He would kill me if I told you." I sigh and sit back.

"Fine then. No food while you in my house."

"What?!" Both Lou and Niall said it at the same time. That's when I knew I was getting what in wanted

" What do you mean about no food. It's like your trying to kill me." Niall said fake crying.

" Yeah Ashley. That torture to the little guy."

" Hey if you tell me than you can have food."

"Um okay it's.... it's .. it's the lady from the bakery across the street." Niall said

"Aww. Louis you little Mrs. Jackson. You know she married right."

" Oh yeah. It's just a little crush that's it" Louis said

I felt like something was wrong but I didn't say anything about it. It wasn't my place to pry.

"So when you wanna hang out Lou?" I look at my pale nails and sigh. I needed to cut them. They were getting to long.

"What about tomorrow?" I feel a smile on my face.

"I'd love it."

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