simple life.

why does life have to be so complicated? why..


1. prologue.

Why is it, that when playing such a simple game such as ‘Flappy bird’. Your success rate increases when you’re not fully focused on the game. You’re not really focusing on whether you’re tapping the screen enough to allow the bird to fly through the rubbish green poles. You’re not worried about the small bird flying face first into the pole and tumbling down to its death. You’re mind is just wandering off into a different space, and you’re results begin to sky rocket. That when you’re mind traces back along the lines of everything else you’re worried about in life and not really thinking about leading a fictional bird through a maze of poles, other things seem to feed off you’re failure, they enjoy telling you lies and cursing your mind into thinking differently. And succeed because of something you hate.  Isn’t this like everything in life? That when your thinking of something terrible, others seem to feed off it, and become great and powerful. Because of your failure, they seem to receive happiness. They seem to love the way you wither away from other life. That your mind gets darkened by tormented thoughts and lies.   Why can’t life be different? Why can’t it just be simple?  But that’s the twist in life, isn’t it? That everything seems as simple as tapping the screen of your phone just to get a bird through some poles. It seems like the simplest thing you could do, until you actually begin to try.  



please comment if you think i should continue this, 

thank you -imma kitty cat.)

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