Long Time No See

Hey guys this is my first novel
So please put no hate on this thanks


2. What have i done?

Sams POV\\ Bailey asked if we could talk alone and we did and she asked the question " Who is she"? i said shes Sarah and um were kinda dating. I knew i shouldn't of started to date her but i was lonely and i needed something to take my mind off of Bailey. Bailey ran away crying and i knew she was hurt but i couln't catch her in time and she was gone just like that.I ran to my truck and drove after her to her house. Baileys POV\\ i couldn't believe what i heard out of sams mouth. Now Sam was chasing me in his truck the truck we would take to go on dates. when i got to my house Sam must of taken a faster route because he was waiting at my door! WHAT DO YOU WANT!! Sams POV\\ Look Bailey i know your mad at me but please i was lonely after you left and i needed something to take my mind off of you! So if you want to hate me go ahead but i will always love you! I'll even break up with Sarah if you want I'll do anything to be back together with you just please forgive me!! Baileys POV\\ From what i could see you forgot about me very quickly!! Sams POV\\ like i said i needed something to take my mind off of you! then i went in for a kiss. i remember her lips being soft and smooth. Baileys POV\\ Sam was explaining why he was with sarah then bam his soft and smooth lips were on my lips. we pulled away when we both couldn't breath. Sams POV\\ Does that prove i still love you Bailey? yea it does she replied. Anyway its so nice to see you again. Baileys POV\\ Ya it is look i'm sorry i over reacted please forgive me? as always he says of course babe. We went inside because my mom wanted to see sam because her mom and his mom had been friends for a long time. Ashleys POV\\ i was hearing something at my door and relised it was sam and bailey. so i waited until they came into the house. hey sam how are you you've grown since the last time i saw you. Sams POV\\ baileys mom said hey sam how are you you've since i last saw you. i replied with of course its been 5 years! also im great and also it was great to see bailey again and then i kissed bailey on the cheek.



hey guys so this is my 2nd chapter i hope you guys are enjoying it! and so sorry for the short chapters i just don't have time for this to much so thanks for reading

remember comment below how you think it is and become a fan and favorite this or just like it im not really whatever my age thing on my account is im really 17 so ya don't believe my accout thanks!! :)

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