Long Time No See

Hey guys this is my first novel
So please put no hate on this thanks


1. Back Home

bailey\\ mom how long until we get there?   ashley\\ around 7 o'clock.   bailey\\ i was so excited because i was going back to my home town where i grew up and also sam my ex boyfriend but we only spilt up because i moved and we didn't want a long distance relationship.  2hours later.  bailey\\ i acciendtly let out a shriek because i was so excited my mom laughed at me. i text sam to let him know i was back but he never answwered me back. i got worried because he always replys so i ask my mom if i can take her car to go to sams house. when i got there i rung the door bell and a girl answered the door. i asked the girl if sam was there and then the girl screamed sam and sam came down.  Sams POV\\ i heard Sarah call for me i ran downstairs to see Bailey my old girlfriend. Bailey oh my gosh long time no see. bailey said ya and hugged me really tight.  Bailey\\ when i hugged Sam i saw that the girl didnt look to happy so i asked sam if i could speak to him alone.  Sams POV\\ bailey asked me if we could speak aloneand i said sure why not. Sarah looked a bit annoyed so i mouthed to her " its going to be okay".  Baileys POV\\ Sam who is that girl? Sam replied with shes Sarah and her and i are kinda dating. i was shocked of what i just heard i thought are you serious you had a girlfriend and you didn't tell me! I i replied with oh okay then i ran off crying.



hey guys please comment below how you thought this first chapter was if i get 2 or 1 likes on this i will post the next chapter!! and hey TFASGAwriter you have been so nice to me please like this!!! thanks guys :)

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