Fanboy || Harry Styles

Jamie Parker was a normal girl who spent the majority of her life online. She liked spending hours writing fan fiction instead of cracking open a book and studying to be the star pupil like her parents wanted. It is until she gets a call from an unknown number that her whole life changes. It is when Jamie hears Harry Styles on the other line saying he loved her current fan fiction with the boys' and that they would love to meet her, it makes her head spin. So what will become of the two?


7. Chapter 7

I look up at the clock and when I find it's noon, I shoot up from my bed. "Boys! Get up! You have a shoot today and you're late!"


All five of their heads snap up at my words and worried looks paint their faces. The boys scramble around, fixing their hair quickly before Louis grabs the car keys. "Do you want to come with us, JamieLamie?" Harry asks, slightly out of breath. For a moment, I am shocked but I nod my head quickly before ordering the boys out and changing clothes quickly. I had opted for the first things my hands grabbed and thankfully, it matched when I check in the mirror.


I sprint out of the room and when I find the boys making casual conversation with my father, my eyes go wide. "C'mon, boys. Let's go," I mumble, taking Harry and Niall's hands and ushering the rest of the boys out the door. "Bye dad! I'll be home later!" I shout before tumbling into the car.


"Your dad's funny," Niall comments as Louis speeds down the road. My eyebrows raise at his comment. Whenever my father cracked jokes around me, they were always cheesy and I only laughed to make him smile.


Louis pulls into the parking lot and we all run to the entrance to the building. I was instantly nervous. What if the cameramen and the boys' manager hated me? I clench my shaking fists to keep them unnoticed and once we head over to the woman who had to be their manager, my shaking worsens and spreads through my whole body. "Sorry we're late. Slept in," Zayn says and she rolls her eyes, her cold stare locking on me and making an uncomfortable shiver run down my spine before shooing them toward the makeup artists. I sit in Harry's Hollywood chair awkwardly, taking in the swirly gold script and play with my fingers as I try to calm myself down, trying to pull their manager's menacing blue eyes out of my mind. I try to keep my breathing steady, ignoring the fact that I was surrounded by strangers. Whenever I was engulfed by people I didn't know, I had a tendency to panic, as I was doing now. My breathing was no longer steady and I shut my eyes, trying to get a grip.


"Are you alright, love?" I hear a light voice and when I peel my eyes open, I find a woman standing in front of me, eyes filled with worry. I shake my head quickly, breath hitching in my throat. "What's wrong, honey?" She asks.


"N-Not good around st-strangers," I manage to choke out.


She takes a seat in Liam's chair and says, "I'm Lou Teasdale, the boys' hair stylist. Is there anything I can get you? Some water? Tea?" She questions and I shake my head. "Can I ask who you are?" She whispers.


"J-Jamie," I whimper.


"JamieLamie!" She shouts and I look up at her in confusion. "Harry and the other boys talk tons about you." She smiles and I offer a small one, my breathing still hitched. "Do you want me to get Harry for you?" She asks once she realizes I hadn't calmed down.


"Y-Yes please," I whisper and rest my head in my hands and she scurries away. I sit alone for a few minutes, that only worsening my social anxiety as I hear loud voices around me. I had begun to hyperventilate after Lou left and when I hear Harry call my name, look up lamely. "H-Hi," I stutter through shallow breaths and Harry crouches in front of me, taking my hand.


"What's wrong, love?" He questions and I take in his tan vest and slacks , accompanied by a white wife-beater.


"S-So many new p-people," I mumble into my hands and he hugs me tightly.


"You're okay, Jamie. You're okay," Harry whispers into my hair. I slowly begin to calm down and when I do, he sends me a smile. "Look at what I'm wearing, JamieLamie," He says and I take in his outfit again. He looked dashing, to say the least yet I knew it was something he would most likely never wear. "Call me Marcel," He smirks, puffing out his chest and I laugh, wiping my tears away. "Do you want to come with me, now?" I nod slowly and follow him, my hand clasped in his. "Alright, Lou, we're back," Harry smiles.


"Are you alright now, dear?" She asks me and I nod.




She then sits Harry down in a chair and starts styling his hair into a quiff. It was different from how to normally wore his hair but she made it work. "And now, the glasses," She mutters and hands Harry a pair of bulky glasses for him to slip on. "Do I look nerdy enough, JamieLamie?" He questions.


"Almost as nerdy as me," I say, giving him a thumbs up. He smiles brightly, white teeth poking out behind pink lips.


"C'mon Harry, off you go," Lou shoos him and with a nervous glance toward me before walking off. "He likes you," Lou whispers and my head snaps up to meet her gaze.




"He likes you," She repeats and it still seems completely ridiculous. "He talks about you all the time and basically sprinted to you when I called him over," She is buzzing with excitement as she starts forming scenerios in her head and I feel myself blush.


"We've only known each other for a few days," I object and she smiles.


"And in that time he's grown an attachment to you," She says. "He talks about you all the time. It's like Jamie speak is his new language. He likes calling you JamieLamie because that's his thing although that's what your thousands of followers know you as. He's the only one who physically calls you that and it makes him feel special. He likes flaunting around your story to everyone, smiling when you post a new chapter. When we came to LA to shoot this music video, he said he was determined to find you. Searched the phone book until he found your number and he was shaking before he called you. He tried sounding blasé as he talked but he was still nervous as hell," She laughs.


I am bewildered by her words. "He can't like me. I'm just a nerdy, hideous, timid girl who writes shitty fanfiction,"


"In no way are you ugly, Jamie Parker!" Lou objects, eyes wide at my words. "And your fanfiction is very good. The boys have showed it all to us,"


I groan, hiding my face in my hands, feeling my cheeks burn. "You're joking," I mumble. I peak through my fingers and find Lou smiling.


"I think it's all very sweet and cliché," She admits which only makes my cheeks flame even more and have her laugh. I clue my gaze to the boys who were currently filming. There was a lot of times where they had to stop and switch roles for things and Lou and I watch with interest. "Isn't it cool? We get to see the music video before anyone else does,"


I nod, smiling slightly before saying, "Four days ago, if I were given this opportunity, I would've been having a heart attack but now I'm realizing that they're normal people who like fast food and comfort me when I cry and laugh at stupid tweets on twitter. I no longer think that they're godlike because they're just normal citizens,"


Lou and I watch for a while until the boys take a break. "Hey Jamie," Louis smiles, coming to my side.


"Hey," I reply and the rest of the boys tumble over. Harry is still dressed as Marcel and when he watches me push my glasses up with the pad of my thumb, he does the same.


"How's it going, JamieLamie?" He asks and I look over at Lou who was smiling in triumph.


"Jamie thinks she's ugly," Lou suddenly shouts and I shoot her a glare.


I find all five boys staring at me in disbelief and I look down at my shoes, not wanting to meet their gazes. "You're joking," Niall's accent is strong as he says this and I play with my fingers, shaking my head. I could feel tears pricking in my eyes, utterly humiliated.


"I have to go," I whisper and sprint off to the unisex bathroom, shutting the door behind me and putting the top down on the toilet before sitting on it, feeling my tears steaming down my face. "Stop crying. Goddamn it," I sob, furiously rubbing away my tears. "Stop crying. Stop crying," I chant as I rock back and forth on my heels. The door to the bathroom opens and when I look up, red faced and blotchy, I find Harry standing in the doorway, looking worried. "H-Harry, g-go. Y-You don't n-need to see m-me like this a-again,"


My eyes are pleading and after a moment, he leaves. I sit and sob harder into my hands, trying to silence them but they came with no avail. The door squeaks open and again this time, I don't look up. "Hey, Jamie, love. Harry sent us in here."


Louis's light voice fills my ears and I look up to find Louis and Niall standing in the doorway, worry filling their gazes. "Y-You guys need to stop s-seeing me l-like this," I mutter with a small fake laugh.


"It's alright," Niall reassures me.


"This is not alright!" I hear someone screech and I flinch at the sudden loud noise. The boys' manager comes storming into the spacious bathroom and tugs the boys out. "You need to get this girl out of here! All she's doing is causing trouble and distracting you five!" She then tugs on my arm and throws me out of the building. I am caught off guard and fall to my knees, feeling pain run through me. "And don't come back," She hisses.


I let out a whimper when I see the blood soaking my now ruined jeans and start to limp home when I realize we had taken Louis's car. The walk doesn't take long and when I see my dad's car missing from the driveway, I head inside and when I find a note on the kitchen counter, I'm not surprised. I head to the bathroom and clean up my knee, changing into some shorts afterward and discarding my jeans to the opposite side of my room. To get my mind off things, I write a new chapter, careful not to bump my knees on anything. My father must've finally gone to work, pulling himself together the best he could and now I'm alone.


I post the chapter after forty-five minutes and afterward, curl up in a ball and fall asleep.




"Why's she asleep?"


"You think she's sick?"


"Maybe she has a headache,"


"Or she's just tired."


"Shut up, you're going to wake her!"


Five voices fill my ears and my eyes flit open, to meet five friendly faces. "H-Hi," I whisper.


"We're sorry about Jodie," Zayn quickly apologizes. "Did she hurt you?" He continues when he sees my bloody jeans on the floor.


"I'm alright," I shrug slowly and pull my blanket over my knees lamely, hoping they wouldn't see. They all take this as a sign to sit on my bed and after a moment I ask, "Do you guys want anything to eat? I'm sure I could find something for us to eat," All of their eyes perk up when I mention food and all six of us head down to the kitchen. They must've just come from the shoot, feeling bad about having my being kicked out an that made guilt deep through me. "Um," I mumble, looking through the fridge and cabinets. "We can make a pizza,"


All of the boys nod and I search around the room for a pizza pan. I become self conscious in my short shorts and blush as I bend down to set the pizza in the oven. When I turn around, I find all of the boys' eyes on me and I blush even harder, staring down at the ground. My eyes go wide as I realize something. Were the boys aroused by me?


I dismiss this thought immediately. Of course they weren't. "So how about we watch a movie?" I suggest and the boys follow me into the living room. I pop in the first movie my hand grabs and settle down on the couch, Harry and Niall sitting on my sides. As I soon find out, the movie I has grabbed as one of my dad's, having it been a 'boy movie' which consisted of dead bodies and raining blood. I grimace as someone gets decapitated and my phone starts to ring. I pick up almost immediately, getting up from my spot and heading into my room. "Hello?" I answer.


"Jamie, honey? It's mom,"


Harry's Point of View

The room is quiet once Jamie leaves, the only sounds being the rain of bullets as they fire from someone's gun onscreen. "Who do you think she's talking to?" Louis wonders and I shrug my shoulders, unknowing.


"God, that girl's got a set of legs and an ass on her," Zayn says and my eyes suddenly blaze with fury. "It's true," He mumbles and I think back to the moment she bent down to put in the pizza, purely teasing us yet she didn't even notice.


Jamie comes back into the room moments later, hands shaky as she clutched them in her phone. "Guys?" Her voice comes out a whisper and it instantly worries me. "My mom just called me,"

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