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Jamie Parker was a normal girl who spent the majority of her life online. She liked spending hours writing fan fiction instead of cracking open a book and studying to be the star pupil like her parents wanted. It is until she gets a call from an unknown number that her whole life changes. It is when Jamie hears Harry Styles on the other line saying he loved her current fan fiction with the boys' and that they would love to meet her, it makes her head spin. So what will become of the two?


6. Chapter 6

"Can I read it now?" 


"No, Louis, you can't," I laugh. 


"Please?" He begs and I shake my head. In truth, my thinking cap was failing me. I had helped write a song and I had been writing this chapter for over an hour.


"Boys, we better get to sleep, we have that music video to work on in the morning," Liam says, coming into the room in his pajamas.


The four other boys groan and a sad smile forms on my lips. "I better be getting home soon anyway. My dad's probably worried," 


"I'll drive you," Harry volunteers quickly and I smirk as he jumps up from the couch and strutting to my side. We walk over to his car and he drives me home. The ride is silent and my mind is racing about this whole day. What was Harry thinking about my latest chapter of my fanfiction. Was he weirded out? Flattered? There was really no way to tell. "Do you want to run your hands through my curls, JamieLamie?" 


A blush forms on my cheeks and I hide my face in my hands. "Harry," I whine. A laugh leaves his plump lips and I could almost visualize his caving dimples. I soon come to figure that Harry doesn't drive very smoothly; or, at least, not on the way back to my house. "Stop jerking the car," I say, voice light and playful as I grip the armrests of my chair as he pounds the break again. 


"Sorry. I'm just nervous," He says and when I ask of what, he shakes his head. The rest of the car ride is silent and completely awkward. "So when is the next chapter going to be put up?" Harry asks suddenly as we appear in front of my house. 


"As soon as I finish the chapter," I laugh. "I'll probably have it up in the next couple of days," I say, voice promising. Harry nods and to my surprise, he pulls me into a hug. I take in the sharp scent of his cologne and brand it deep into my mind, not wanting to add it into my fanfiction, wanting to keep it for myself. "I'll text you or something," I mumble, growing nervous. Harry nods and I wave lamely before getting out of the car. 


I head into the house and after Harry's car zooms away, I hear my dad ask, "How was hanging out at your friend's?" 


"It was nice," I say and find him in the same exact spot as he had been when I left him, hours before. I didn't want to bring up that mom hadn't returned home because I was positive that thought was killing him although, I missed my mother. I missed having the warm mother figure, someone to buy me chocolate when I was on my period or staying up to watch The Notebook while eating popcorn with M&Ms with me late at night. I missed that and it was all because of their stupid fight. 


I head up to my room, hiding my streaming tears from my father and shut my door before taking out my phone and calling the one person I knew would listen. "Hello JamieLamie," I could hear the smile in his voice before I sputter his name in a sob and he asks, "What's wrong, love?" 


"I miss my mom. She st-still hasn't come h-home. I-I don't t-think she's c-coming back,"


Another sob leaves my lips and Harry says, "I don't care if it's late and we have a shoot tomorrow. I'm coming over to her house," His voice is muffled and I guessed he had his palm cupped over the mic of his phone as he talked to one of the other boys and just as I'm about to protest, I hear Louis say, "Yeah, I'm going too!"


"Y-You guys d-don't h-have to," I say and Louis shouts, "Yes we do. You're our friend, Jamie Parker and we refuse to just leave to to sit there and cry, uncomforted," 


A small laugh leaves my lips but tears continued to stream down my face. "We'll be over in a few minutes," Niall promises and my eyebrows skyrocket. They were all coming? 


We hang up the phone moments later and I sit in my room, trying to pull myself together but no matter what I did, I wasn't able to. My mom was never going to come back unless a miracle was preformed. "Sarah, some very handsome looking boys are here looking for you!" My father shouts down the stairs and I roll my eyes. I head down the stairs, keeping my head ducked so my father wouldn't seem me upset. If he did, he'd feel even more guilty. 


"Hey guys," I whisper when I find all five of them standing on the welcome mat, shooting me worried smiles. 


"Hey JamieLamie," Harry says and I offer them into the house.


We all head up to my room with a confused glance from my father but I ignore it, stomping into my room. When I sit on my bed, I keep my eyes locked on the carpet and the room is silent until I start sobbing into my hands again. Harry comes to my side on instinct and I say, "S-She's not coming b-back this time, H-Harry. She's g-gone. M-My dad took it t-too far," 


The boys sit in silence for a moment before they all encase me in a hug. I force a smile and all five of them try entertaining me to keep me from crying. Harry started braiding my hair, Louis was cracking jokes, Niall was playing my guitar, Liam is reading some of my favorite books stacked on my dresser and Zayn is writing things on my mirror with erase marker. 


Louis's jokes were getting worse and worse with each one he told and I ask, "Do you guys want to be here while I write?" 


I watch all of their eyes light up with eagerness and Louis says, "Remember, we left off at, 'I hear Harry moan as I tug on his hair and he slips his tongue into my mouth,'," Louis reminds me and I nod with a light blush.


I pull out my laptop and sit cross legged on the floor with the boys. They are all craning their necks to read as I type and as I do, my door creaks open. My dad walks in sheepishly and says, "I just wanted to make sure you boys were keeping your hands off my daughter," 


My face turns a deeper shade of red and I screech, "DAD!" before hiding my face in my hands.


"Mr. Parker, we would never--" Harry stutters awkwardly and my father shakes his head before leaving my room. 


"Jesus Christ," I mutter before uncupping my hands from my face and placing them back on the keyboard. I begin to type again, trying to block out what had just happened from my mind. Once the chapter is finished, the boys ask me to read it aloud so I do. Harry is typing away on his phone and that makes my heart sink. Was I boring him? Of course I was. I knew he would get tired of me eventually. I fight hard to keep my lip from trembling with hurt feelings. If Harry was getting tired of me, I knew the rest of the boys would too. "I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be right back," I whisper before getting up, shoving my laptop to the side. 


The trip to the bathroom is a short one and I make sure to shut the door behind me before sobbing into my hands. The tears are quick to stream down my cheeks and I curl my knees up to my chest, sobbing harder. Harry was getting tired of me. I was boring him. Of course I was. I was the nerdy girl from LA that everyone ignored. Now Harry was one of those people. A knock sounds on the door and my head snaps up. "Go away," I croak and the door opens seconds after, ignoring my plea. 


"What's wrong, JamieLamie?" 


"Harry, go," I beg, resting my head in my hands. 


"Tell me," He orders, taking a seat on the bathroom tiles next to me. 


"It's stupid," I mutter into my palms, not wanting to look up at him. 


"Was it something I did?" He asks and when I answer him with silence, he says, "You think I'm ignoring you. You think I'm boring you, don't you?" I shrug my shoulders and look down at my thin wrists, covering them with my long sleeves. When Harry notices this action, his eyes flit down to my wrists and I shake my head at him. "I'm sorry." He says. "You're not boring me. I'm sorry if you think I was ignoring you but I'm not. I'm sticking up for you. All of the people hating you on twitter..." He trails off, sounding ashamed. "It's my fault, isn't it?" 


"No," I whisper, wiping away my tears. "L-Lets just get back to the boys," Harry nods and takes my hand as we walk out of the bathroom. His touch sent tingles down my spine and I fight back a delighted shiver. The things this boy could do to me. 


My eyebrows raise when I find Louis with my laptop on his thighs. "Lou, what're you doing?" I question and when he sees he was caught, his eyes go wide. 


"Nothing," He promises and I smirk, taking the laptop from him and burrowing into my original spot. Most recent status by JamieLamie: I, JamieLamie, love Louis Tomlinson more than Harry Styles. Posted 30 seconds ago. My eyebrows raise and a small laugh leaves my lips while Louis looks down sheepishly, making Harry snicker. 


"Do-Do you guys want to stay over tonight?" I ask. The boys nod their heads excitedly and I grab a comforter and a mountain of pillows from the hall closet. "Sleep tight boys. Remember, you've got a shoot tomorrow," I smirk before posting the chapter and heading to bed.


This chapter was kind of cliche but whatever. I hope you guys liked it nonetheless. If you could do me a huge favor and check out my newest story Lost Cause. It's a Narry fanfiction and I really like it so far. Thanks, my lovelies. I'll talk to you next chapter cx


-Shianne xx

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