Fanboy || Harry Styles

Jamie Parker was a normal girl who spent the majority of her life online. She liked spending hours writing fan fiction instead of cracking open a book and studying to be the star pupil like her parents wanted. It is until she gets a call from an unknown number that her whole life changes. It is when Jamie hears Harry Styles on the other line saying he loved her current fan fiction with the boys' and that they would love to meet her, it makes her head spin. So what will become of the two?


5. Chapter 5

I didn't want to return home that night. I didn't want to spend it at home, feeling my father's misery for my mother like a sickness. I wanted to stay here with the boys where I somehow felt accepted. I knew my dad was still waiting for me to come home but he could wait a little longer, couldn't he? I had calmed down since my meltdown and everyone seemed happy-go-lucky again. I had continued to write another chapter for my fanfiction and I could tell the boys were reading over my shoulder by their sudden silence. "I can't cheat the other followers just for you guys," The boys all blush, having found out they were caught and I continue. "Give me some peace, yeah?" 


The boys smile, nodding and hoping I'd given it to letting them get a sneak peak at what was going to happen next but I wasn't having it. They all leave the room to another part of the hotel and I curl up onto the couch, focusing once again. About another thousand words into the chapter, a hear someone walk into the room and when I look over, I find Harry standing in the doorway. "Hey," He says awkwardly, smiling. 


"Hey," I reply with the same crooked smile. 


"How's the chapter coming along?" He asks but from the look in his eyes, I could tell he was beating around the bush. 


"It's going fine," I shrug, sitting up. He takes a seat next to me and I ask, "Now what'd you really want to talk about?" 


He laughs, frustrated I caught his bluff and says, "The tweet," 


I roll my eyes at this. "It's honestly fine, Harry. The tweet brought in more positivity than negativity," I promise him. "I just... I've had a bad day lately and that broke me. It was stupid but it's better now," He nods, forcing a smile and I continue. "I know you don't believe me but it's true," He nods again and for some reason, I don't want this conversation to end. "I'll read the new chapter to you," 


He smiles. "Really?" 


"Yeah," I smile and just as I clear my throat to read, Zayn calls us from the entrance of the living room. 


"Pizza's here," 


"Darn, I guess we're going to have to wait," I say, smiling.


Harry sighs and we walk into the kitchen to find the other four boys crowded over the kitchen counter, frantically grabbing slices of pizza. "Guys, let Jamie eat," Harry chuckles. 


The boys back away guiltily and I nervously grab a plate, taking a piece of pizza from one of the boxes before sitting at the kitchen table. Niall follows soon after and takes a seat next to me and Louis on my opposite side moments later. "Hello love," Louis smiles, plunkering down in the seat which makes me smile. 


"Hey Louie," I reply, self consciously picking up my pizza and taking a bite before the rest of the boys enter the room. I can barely notice how phenomenal the pizza was because of my preoccupation on Harry who I could feel staring at me.


I nibble on my pizza for a few minutes and when all that is left of the crust, I set it down on my plate and furrow my eyebrows when I find Louis setting another piece on my plate. "You're hungry," He says and it almost sounds like an order which makes me smile sadly. "What's wrong?" He asks as I pick up the piece, looking down. 


"My parents got into a fight a couple of days ago and well... my mom still hasn't come home," I whisper. Louis sets his hand atop my free one and whispers reassuring words in my ear, making me nod. 


To clear the deafening silence, Harry says, "Jamie is going to read me the next chapter of her fanfiction after we're done eating." 


I almost groan at his words when I find all of their heads turning toward me, excited looks in their eyes. I sigh, nodding to back up Harry's words and all the boys whoop with excitement. I make sure to eat slow, wanting to take up as much time as possible, dreading this moment. The next chapter was a heavy makeout scene and I could already feel myself blushing just thinking of the words I had written in that document. Now I had to read them out loud? "C'mon, JamieLamie, time to read to us," Harry smiles, taking my now empty plate from in front of me and setting it off on the kitchen counter for a custodian to get later. 


"Do I have to? I-It's a makeout scene and I--" 


"You're good at the makeout scenes, Jamie." Niall says which makes me blush deeply and stare down at my hands. 


"S-Shut up," I stutter with embarrassment. All of the boys converse loudly with excitement at what I was about to do and I sit on the couch, phone in hand, opening up the document. Here we go. "N-Now am I going to read to you guys or n-not?" There's a sly smirk plastered on my lips but I feel anything but witty. I could already feel my anxiety clawing at my throat and in my chest but I clear it and take a few deep breaths before staring, the boys all sitting down, having gone silent. "I dip my finger into the mucky pond water, watching ripples decend as I try to clear my thoughts. Did I want Harry back? After all that he's done to me? Broke my heart? Left me alone to wallow in crippling depression? I wasn't sure if I was ready for that." I stop then and the boys stare at me in wonder as to why I was stopping. "I don't want to read this next part," I whine, knowing what was coming up next. 


"Just do it, it's no big deal." Louis presses, smirking. 


I roll my eyes. It was going to be so awkward reading this with Harry in the room when well... Harry was actually in the room. I run a hand through my hair, taking a deep breath and grip my phone tighter in my hands before continuing. "A shiver runs through me as his familiar aftershave jolting me into a string of emotions. But was I imagining it or was he standing right behind me? I take a hesitant look back and find the curly haired boy standing in front of me, clad in boots, jeans and a red flannel with a few buttons undone. His green eyes were as breathtaking as ever, the color more of a moss than the emerald I had seen months earlier when we fought. 'H-Harry?' I stutter, trying to wrap my head around this situation. Why was he here? 'What are you doing here?' 


'I needed to see you, Riley. I came to tell you that I'm sorry for what I've said and done and I can only hope you would forgive me.' 


I cross my arms over my chest, stuck in deep thought and finally, after a few moments, I say, 'I don't know if I can do that, Harry. You destroyed everything that I once was and I don't know if I'll ever be able to get that back,' 


'I know. I know Riley, love and I don't know what came over me to do such stupid things but I was hoping if I came here... to our place... I would find you and you would forgive me. It's a longshot I know but a man can dream, right? I-I'm half a heart without you, Riley Montgomery,' 


A chuckle leaves my lips as that familiar verse leaves his lips and I couldn't help but have my spirits be lifted. Would his lousy words be enough to fix the damage that the three months apart had done to me? 'I-If I forgive you, Harry Styles, y-you have to promise you won't hurt me like y-you did," 


I watch hope shimmer in his green orbs and he shoots me a smile, dimples dipping into his cheeks, making me melt like I always did when they appeared. 'Does this mean you're forgive me?' He asks, beautiful eyes spread wide.


'Y-Yes." I say but my tone sounds questioning and in reality, I still wasn't sure what I wanted. Of course, I wanted Harry but my heart was guarded now and I wasn't sure if we would ever be the same as we once were. Without warning, Harry walks over to me, his long legs not giving me much time to prepare myself before he smashes his lips to mine." 


"Ooh, this is where it gets good," Louis says grinning and my eyes flick up to his. His face is full of amusement and I blush causing all the boys to shush him and begging me to continue. 


I try to forget that Harry is sitting in the seat next to me as I continue. "His strong arms wrap around my waist and on instinct I run my hands through his curls. This seemed almost ritual to us, something I did when Harry and I had been close and it sent me into a state of calm as soon as I felt the silky curls in my grasp." 


"Ugh, Harry, I can't do this," I whine, setting down my phone and resting my head in my hands to hide my blush from them. 


"Let me read it then!" Louis says, grabbing my phone from my lap. I desperately try to grab it but he holds it above my head and out of my grasp. I sigh with defeat, giving up and Louis smiles, the two of us settling back down on the couch. I was not ready for this embarrassment. "I hear Harry moan as I tug on his hair and he slips his tongue into my mouth," 


"Louis, please, no," I beg, covering my ears with my hands although I knew what came next. "Louis, please." I plead. 


"But I want to hear it," Louis says, a teasing glint in his eyes. 


"If you love me and if you ever want me to write you a fanfiction, you will put down my phone right now and you won't touch it for the rest of the night," Louis sighs, looking down at my phone with regret before locking it and setting it down on the table. I smile. And that's how I got all five of the One Direction boys wrapped around my little finger. 

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