Fanboy || Harry Styles

Jamie Parker was a normal girl who spent the majority of her life online. She liked spending hours writing fan fiction instead of cracking open a book and studying to be the star pupil like her parents wanted. It is until she gets a call from an unknown number that her whole life changes. It is when Jamie hears Harry Styles on the other line saying he loved her current fan fiction with the boys' and that they would love to meet her, it makes her head spin. So what will become of the two?


4. Chapter 4

The popularity of my story has skyrocketed from the moment Harry mentioned it on twitter. Of course, I thought of it as a bad idea. I wanted to gain my reads on my own; not by Harry's popular status yet it seemed to help. What seemed like all of the Directioners came to my story and commented sweet things. As expected though, harsh comments were made as well. I told myself that they were just jealous Harry tweeted about me and not them but deep down, I was hurt. I hadn't mentioned it to Harry of course, didn't want him to feel guilt so instead, I kept it to myself.


I got a call from Harry a couple days later and his deep voice distracted me from the thought of my mother who still hadn't returned. "Hey, JamieLamie," I could almost hear the smile on his lips and that made one appear on my own. 


"Hey, Styles," I wasn't denying the fact that Harry made me nervous because he did but I was starting to ease into the fact that he was a normal human being who just so happened to love my lousy fanfiction.


"What're you doing right now?" He wonders and I could hear the faint click of a pen on a desk from the other side of the line. 


"Writing, why?" I ask. 


"I wanted to know if it was okay if you could come over to my place. The boys and I are renting a hotel for the time we finish filming one of our music videos," The day was still young, it just having past four o'clock and I shrug my shoulders. I was still waiting for my results for my submission to one of the best colleges in LA and was biting my nails at the nerves. 


"Sure," I tell him, throwing my laptop aside and slipping on some shoes. I hang up the phone after Harry insists on picking me up and head downstairs, only to find my dad laying on the couch, eating pizza off a napkin with his fingers. I crinkle my nose at the sight. Ever since my mother had made it 48 hours without coming back, my father had decided to really let himself go. It was as if now he realized how much of a mess he really was without her. "Dad? I'm going to a friends house. I'll be back in a few hours," 


"You're going out?" He asks with surprise, eyebrows skyrocketing at my words. I nod, tugging on a jacket and grabbing Harry's hoodie from the jacket tree. I had washed it the night before and was now planning to give it back with good intentions. My father was used to me being cooped up in my room all hours of the day since school ended and the two of us were nervously waiting for my college results to come back. I had been worrying about it for months and as the summer progressed, I grew more and more nervous. I knew I shouldn't be stressing since I had managed good grades in school and Uni started in the fall but still, I shook with nerves. 


"I'll be back in a few hours," I repeat as I head out the door. I find Harry in a sleek deep blue car I couldn't name, smiling at me through the open window. "I grabbed your hoodie," I smile, handing it to him. He nods, looking grateful and starts driving toward the hotel. 


"How are you, Jamie?" He asks me, voice slow and deep, soothing. 


"My mother hasn't come back," I whisper, hands clenched into fists and biting my lip to keep it from trembling. "I don't know if she's coming back this time,"


"Do you know what they were fighting about?" Harry whispers as we zoom down the street,


I shrug my shoulders. "Nonsense probably. I think they were trying to tolerate each other for me but I guess my father took it too far," I sigh. I rest my head in my hands, trying to keep my breathing regular. "I kind of always knew their relationship wouldn't last," I mumble into my hands.


"I'm sorry," Harry says, not sure what else to.


"It's not your fault," I say and couldn't help but worry what would happen once the boys' music video was done being filmed. Would Harry want to keep in touch with me or would he simply want to brush me away? "Harry, what's going to happen to us once your music video is over?"


Silence falls over the car and I could only wonder what Harry was thinking. "I don't know," Harry admits after a while into the drive. "I want to keep talking to you after we leave,"


A smile blooms onto my face at his words and I make eye contact with him at a red light, trying to come off as confident. "You really like me that much, huh?"


A laugh leaves his plump lips and a blush comes to his cheeks. "Maybe. We're here," He says to keep me from embarrassing him further. He opens my car door like a gentleman and now it's my turn to blush. "Blushing already? The boys haven't even had a chance to see you yet,"


I smack him in the chest, smiling and the two of us walk inside the hotel. It was surely better than any hotel I've ever been too and as I look at the freshly polished marble floor and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, I have to fight hard to keep my jaw from dropping. "C'mon," He takes my hand, pulling me into the elevator and pressing the button for the top floor. As the elevator zooms on it's way, I try my hardest not to ogle over Harry again. I wasn't sure if he caught me doing it the first time I had done it and I didn't want to take that chance again.


"So what made you want to have me over?" I ask curiously as I watch the numbers on the elevator rise.


"I was wondering if you could help the boys and me with a song. I figured if you're a good story writer you won't be half bad at song writing," He kicks the escalator carpeting under his feet, looking embarrassed and I smile.


"You really think I would be able to help?" I question with disbelief just as the elevator doors swing open to the top floor. Harry and I had been getting close ever since he first contacted me but helping him write a song?


"Of course I do. The boys have been dying to meet you, too so now we have a reason," He explains, opening his hotel room door and leading me inside. "Boys? Jamie's here," Harry announces and I feel my face heard up. Here come the stares.


Four boys come stumbling into the room all smiles and I instantly recognize all of them. Fear shoots through my veins and my hands begin to shake. Harry grabs one of them, giving it a light squeeze as Louis says, "Hey, I'm Louis but you can call me Louie," I nod, forcing a smile.


The rest of the boys introduce themselves to me although they were all acutely aware I knew exactly who they were and as we all get settled on the couch, Harry grabbing a notepad and a pen from the kitchen counter, Louis asks, "Can you write a fanfiction about me next?"


"Louie," Harry hisses, smacking him in the ribs and having Louis chuckle.


"I dunno," I say. "I have to finish Harry's book first,"


Silence blankets over the room and I sit next to Harry and Niall, fiddling with my thumbs in discomfort. My chest felt tight with anxiety and my hands continued to shake before I clamped them into fists. "So about this song," Niall starts, snatching the paper and pen from Harry's hands. "I was thinking it could be a love song,"


"As always," Zayn pipes up.


I wrack my brain, same as the boys and try and piece words together to make a lyric. "What do you want to know?" My own voice echoes in my head.


"What all your followers don't. I want to get to know the real JamieLamie," Harry's voice follows from the first day he and I met.


I hesitantly take the pen and paper from Niall's grasp and press the blue pen to the yellowing paper. "He knows about you in every way. He's memorized every part of your face. Inside and out, baby, head to toe. He knows everything there is to know," I had no idea where the words were coming from, they seemed to be flowing from the pen like how I wrote stories and when Niall and Harry look over my shoulder, reading, I find them smiling when I look up. "What?" I whisper, setting down the pen, too nervous to do anymore. While my pen was pressed to the paper, all else seemed to fade away and it was just me and the pen. Now I was back reality and my insides begin to twist with nerves again.


"That's really good," Niall smiles, his blue eyes icy and electrifying.


"It's barely started," I mumble.


"It's better than anything we've come up with," Liam says, smiling a warm smile.


Louis then picks up the pen, biting the cap before continuing on from my start. "Your secret tattoo, the way you change moods, the songs that you sing when you're all alone. Your favorite band, the way that you dance but baby, baby," He then thrusts the pen and paper down on the coffee table, looking triumphant and I giggle as he puffs out his chest with pride.


"A-Any of you guys wanna p-poke and prod?" I question, eyes landing on the pad of paper thrown sideways.


The boys take turns passing it back and forth and I relax in my seat, checking my writing profile and when I log on, I find more hate comments than sweet ones. A tear slips down my cheek and when all the boys see this, they send me worried glances, Harry coming to my side. "What's wrong, love?" He asks, slipping his arm around me waste and enveloping me in a sea of warmth.


"My story's been g-getting a lot of h-hate," I sniff, wiping my eyes.


"Because of my twitter post," Harry mumbles, sounding irritated.


I nod, tears still streaming and wipe my cheeks with my sweater sleeve. I couldn't get their words out of my head.


This story is terrible.


Why would anyone want to read this?


Harry just feels sorry for you.


You're pathetic for thinking Harry actually cares about you.


The last two hurt the most, like getting socked right in the stomach. "This isn't your fault, Harry," I tell him, looking his way sadly. "I should've known I would get hate and I shouldn't be taking it so seriously," I should've kept this a secret, just as I had intended to but of course my emotions got in the way. "Anyway, I'm fine," I take a deep breath, wiping away the last of my tears, trying to convince the boys I would be fine.


"How about I order a pizza and we can watch some TV?" Niall suggests, trying to change the subject off of me which went greatly appreciated. He walks off to the kitchen with his phone in his hand and the rest of us watch TV while he's gone.


"I'll be right back," I say, getting up from the couch and heading to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and sob, looking down at my phone, scrolling through the comments. A shaky breath leaves my lips as the bathroom door opens and Liam walks inside. "I-I'm fine," I lie, my gaze shifting to the floor.


"You're obviously not fine, Jamie." Liam comes to my side then, crouching in front of me and picking my chin up with his hands. "Don't listen to them, okay? Listen to the people that matter and love you and your story. Listen to the boys and me,"


He envelopes me in a hug and as I take in his sweet scent, I say, "You all probably think I'm insane," embarrassment seeps into my veins and I burrow my face into his shirt to keep him from seeing my blush.


"I don't think you're insane. The rest of the boys don't think so either. Harry's told us you're going through a lot," My eyes suddenly widen as his words and as soon as he realizes his mistake, he says, "Come on, the food should be here soon," while he wipes away the rest of my tears.


The two of us come out of the bathroom, my face still red and splotchy. The boys offer me bright smiles and I shoot them one back just to reassure them. I take a seat next to Harry and he waits until the food was here to talk. "Are you okay? I was stupid not to ask you to post that tweet," He cringes.


"It's okay, Harry. This has just showed me that my head's been up in the clouds for too long. I needed a dose of reality," I try playing it off as cool but from the look on his face, he knew I felt otherwise.


Tada, new chapter cx I hope you guys are liking it so far and thanks for the positive feedback /.\


-Shianne xx

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