Fanboy || Harry Styles

Jamie Parker was a normal girl who spent the majority of her life online. She liked spending hours writing fan fiction instead of cracking open a book and studying to be the star pupil like her parents wanted. It is until she gets a call from an unknown number that her whole life changes. It is when Jamie hears Harry Styles on the other line saying he loved her current fan fiction with the boys' and that they would love to meet her, it makes her head spin. So what will become of the two?


3. Chapter 3

As I step into the house, the dread of coming home is no longer there. All I can think about is Harry. More than I usually did, that is. My hands where shaking as I held my phone there, staring at the tweet. I had thought to favorite just as thousands of other people did. I settle back down in front of my laptop and am determined now to update again. Since I owed it to Harry. The thought makes me smile. 


A thousand words into the chapter, a knock sounds on my door and I could only think of it to be one person; my father. "What?" I ask through the opposite side of the closed door. 


"Can I talk to you?" My father's voice rings through the old oak and I don't see any other option I had. My father wouldn't leave me until he was all talked out and who knew how long that would be. I sigh, laying back in my bed and wait for it to start. He sits down on my bed and when he starts talking, I try my hardest to listen but I just... can't. My thoughts instead, are wrapped up in Harry. What was he doing now? Recording a new album with the rest of the boys? Skimming my story or my profile? I roll my eyes. I was becoming conceded and I was just the girl who could barely make her order at McDonalds without hyperventilating. "Jamie, are you listening to anything I'm saying?" My father asks, sounding frustrated. 


"Mhm," I hum, a clear lie. He shakes his head at me and walks out, leaving me alone. I write another thousand words, then two thousand until my wrist aches. I figure I'll leave the chapter to post tomorrow, leaving Harry to sweat it out. A smile creeps up onto my face. That's exactly what I'll do. 




I am awoken later that night with my phone buzzing on my nightstand. I groan, reaching out to grab it with flimsy limbs, sleep dragging me down. "Hello?" I answer, staring out the window toward the full moon. It was a beautiful sight but something even more beautiful? The person's voice on the other line. 


"Did I wake you, JamieLamie?" 


A smile flits onto my face, the aching tired starting to dissipate. "Possibly but I'm up now. What do you want?" 


"You'd think you'd be grateful a world famous pop star is calling you at midnight, don't you think, Jamie?"


I snort at his answer and he laughs that wonderful laugh again. "You'd think so," I say smiling. I cross my legs and hold my phone up to my ear, waiting for his reply. The two of us talk for hours, never running out of things to say and that makes me feel at ease. "Do you want to go on another walk with me, Styles? I can't promise I'll give you your hoodie back," 


The handsome boy laughs and I could almost see him tipping his head back, eyes shining with delight as he chuckles. "It depends, do you have a new chapter written for me?" He questions, making me giggle. 


"I do, in fact," I tell him. He agrees to meet me me down the street from the cafe and after the two of us say our goodbyes, I head toward my window, seeking out the full moon which would be my only source of light. I wouldn't be able to head out the front door since my father would surely hear it so it seemed my window was my only option. I take a deep, determined breath and debate changing out of my sweatpants. I decide to keep them on. My hair was in it's natural curls, loosing it straightness from the water of my shower I had taken hours before and pull it up into a bun, slipping my phone into my pocket and opening my window. Was I really doing this? I was just the nerdy girl from LA, the girl everyone ignored and pitied. 


I shake these thoughts away and slide one leg out of the windowsill. The other comes seconds after and when I look down at the ground, twenty feet below me, I wonder if I would manage to meet Harry without a twisted ankle, or worse. Deep breaths, Jamie. I tell myself, trying to find comfort in the night air. I was still wearing Harry's jacket, even after my shower and his cologne seemed to soothe me into calm. I jump from the window without thinking and land on my feet, only stumbling to find balance twice. Taking my phone out, I check the time. Two fifteen. My father had fallen asleep after me but would be deep asleep now. 


I look down at my black sneakers, only then noticing how beat up they really were. There were black scuff marks on the whites at the top and dirt streaked the sides. I roll my shoulders, trying to relax, worry making my muscles tense. Harry wouldn't care, would he? I dismiss this thought almost instantly. No, he wouldn't. These were the same ones I wore when we first met. Why would he notice now? The walk toward the cafe is silent and I like the way the only thing I hear is the crickets chirping and the occasional car zooming past, a teacher, I suggest, eager to come home from a long night of grading papers. 


When I finally make it there, I walk down the final road where I would find Harry. Nerves tear my stomach to shreds and when I find the tall, talented human being standing twenty feet away from me, I force a smile. "Hey, Harry," I whisper. 


"Hey Jamie. Make it here in one piece?" He smiles. I nod, looking down at my shoes and the two of us take a walk until we're at the park, sitting down in the dewy grass and looking up at the stars. "Can you read to me?" Harry asks, sounding almost childlike. 


My eyebrows shoot up, surprised and I ask, "Really?" He nods, staring down at me, his mossy eyes pleading. "You want to hear the chapter before anyone else, don't you?" I ask with amusement. A blush rises on his cheeks and he nods, looking down at his strong hands. I take one of them in mine, somehow finding the confidence to do so and open up my phone, scanning for the document. I clear my throat, self conscious but am not able to continue. 


"You don't have to be nervous around me, Jamie." He whispers, voice deep and willing. 


"You're a famous pop star, how can I not be?" I ask, only half joking. He laughs right before I do and I take a deep breath before starting. He watches my lips with interest, propping his free elbow up and cupping his face in his hand, watching me. This only makes my insecurity worsen but I push on, not wanting to come off as cowardice.


When the chapter is finished, Harry looks content which makes me smile down to my hands. "I got it," He says with excitement. "I do get Riley back, don't I?" When I nod, he almost squeals with happiness which makes me burst out laughing, so hard I have to clutch my stomach. I was no longer nervous around Harry; I was comfortable and that made me worry. What if Harry dropped me? Realized I wasn't special and that I was just the awkward girl who wrote fanfiction and I was utterly crushed when I realize so? "Don't fanboy over me, Harry," I say, pushing the thoughts away. 


"Fanboy?" Harry questions, looking confused, eyebrows crinkling in the most adorable way. 


I nod. "Like, fangirling but, as a boy. You are a boy, right?" I tease. He elbows me in the ribs lightly, laughing lowly and I smile. I was glad I made the decision to invite him out with me and to leave my house."My mom never came back to my house. After my parents fought, my mom left the house this morning and she never came back," I tell him, tears pricking in my eyes.


"She's gotta come back sometime, right?" Harry asks, trying to soothe me. 


I shrug, tears dangerously close to spilling down my cheeks. "I dunno. She could just walk out of our lives this time. She's come close to doing it before," I sniff, wiping my eyes with Harry's hoodie sleeve. "I'm sorry I'm always a wreck when you see me," I mumble. 


"It's perfectly okay. At least you're not drooling over me," He says, making me smile sadly. "You're beautiful, Jamie," He tells me after a moment, making me blush madly. He gives my hand a warm squeeze and we sit in silence until my face cools. "The boys read your fanfiction too. Louis's even jealous your fanfiction isn't about him," 


"You're lying," I say with wide eyes, suddenly excited and full with energy. 


"I'm not!" Harry defends himself with a playful smirk. "I showed your work to the boys and they've been reading with me ever since I showed them last week," I sit back in the grass, shocked. All five of the boys were drooling over my fic, waiting for more? That was insane. When I wrote this story, I barely expected anyone to read it and now superstars were reading it? "Does you dad know you're out?" Harry asks, eyeing me in my loose pajama shirt and sweatpants. 


"No. But it doesn't matter. He doesn't matter," I say, crossing my arms over my chest. I hated talking about my family to others and since I was never good at making friends, Harry was the first I had come to telling anyone anything about my family. "You're the first person to know about my dysfunctional family," I whisper, the darkness of the night masking my face. "How does that make you feel?" 


"Special." Harry whispers back. I thought his comment was ridiculous. He thought he was special because I told him about my family? What about the fact that he has millions of twitter followers or millions of dollars to bathe in? I instantly feel guilty for thinking this. I needed to start thinking of Harry as a normal human being because that was what he was. 


"Really?" I ask instead. He nods, the silver of the moon making him paper white, his tan seeming to disappear and I have the sudden urge to kiss him but hold back on that, not sure what he would think of it. He probably wouldn't ever want to see me again. "Hey, Harry?" When his eyes meet mine, I continue. "Do you ever think I could get published? You know, if I ever post anything besides fanfiction," 


"There's no doubt in my mind. I mean, a superstar is reading your writing," He winks.


So I'm deciding to double update. I don't usually do this but I was itching to write a new chapter and I wanted to get it out to you guys as soon as I could. I hope you liked it. 


-Shianne xx

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