Fanboy || Harry Styles

Jamie Parker was a normal girl who spent the majority of her life online. She liked spending hours writing fan fiction instead of cracking open a book and studying to be the star pupil like her parents wanted. It is until she gets a call from an unknown number that her whole life changes. It is when Jamie hears Harry Styles on the other line saying he loved her current fan fiction with the boys' and that they would love to meet her, it makes her head spin. So what will become of the two?


11. Chapter 11

"Jamie Lynn Parker, where in god's name are you?!" I flinch as I press my phone to my ear, gritting my teeth.


"A-At a friend's," I mumble as I look down at my hands.


"I was expecting you home yesterday. What happened?"


"M-Mom called," I whisper. "Sh-She's not coming back D-Dad. I-I-- I need a few days away from home," The boys send me sympathetic looks as I continue to talk in the phone, pretending I didn't hear my father's sobs and tears spark in my eyes. I brush them away with the sleeve of Harry's hoodie and try to pull myself together. "I-I'll talk to you l-later, okay D-Dad?" He hums on the other side of the phone and I mumble an 'I love you' before hanging up. The boys wait for me to say something but I just shake my head, bringing my knees up to my chest and rocking on my heels, bursting into sobs.


The boys all come over to hug me and I'm encased in warmth, hiding my face in Harry's hoodie sleeves, not allowing any of them to see my face. "I'm sorry about everything that's happened in this past week. You deserve better," Harry tells me.


I shake my head at the marvelous man in front of me and say, "N-No, I'm a w-waste anyway," They all shake their heads at me but I knew it was true. "I-I--" I'm sobbing again, a mess and this time, I wasn't able to stop the shake in my shoulders or the tears streaming down my face. "I-I just want to be l-left alone b-but I--" I run a hand through my hair, wiping my eyes quickly with the other and start picking at my cuts out of habit.


"Love, please, you're better than this," Zayn says and I shake my head.


"I'm n-not," I cry. "I just-- S-So much h-has gone wr-wrong and I can't t-take it," It was when I look up and find Harry's eyes glassy and red, I sober up. "H-H-Harry--" The boy shakes his head at me, only pulling me into a hug without a reply. I feel his tears soak into my clothes. "D-D-Don't c-cry," I beg, rubbing his back.


"C-Can't help it," He admits, making me smile slightly. I suddenly had the urge to lay my lips on his but refrain from doing so. I grab onto his hand instead and he flips it over, kissing my cuts which makes more tears stream down my face. "You mean so much to me, JamieLamie," He tells me.


"D-Do I?" I question. "Because I feel like a-as soon as you guys leave LA--"


Harry instantly shakes his head. "Sh, don't think about that right now. Think about this," He says and kisses me softly.


His lips are warm and gentle, making me blush and Louis whistles loudly which makes me blush. "I-I--" I stammer with shock and look down at my hands, confused and trying to pull myself together. "H-Harry, why would you want to kiss someone like me? I'm a freak and a loser and--"


"Hush," Harry murmurs, laying a perfect finger on my lips. "You're perfect and wonderful and everything I could ever want," My eyebrows raise and he rests his lips on mine again before pulling apart. "And don't you dare try to convince me otherwise,"


"Harry's always been slick with the ladies," Louis murmurs loudly making me giggle and he yelps from what I had imagined Harry elbowing him in the ribs. "I'm just saying, man. I was giving you props,"


My body was buzzing with both excitement and fear. Things were moving so fast. I had met the boys, hung out with them, wrote a song with them, told them my biggest secrets and now Harry was kissing me? What next? "His lips were warm and a plush pink as he mashes them with mine, he quickly taking dominance. I was submissive under his touch, feeling weak at the warmth of his fingertips. An novel by JamieLamie," Niall teases, making me blush and stare down at my shoes.


"Shut it, Niall." I grumble and Harry chuckles, tilting my chin so I was forced to look up at him.


'I think it's unbelievably cute. Don't worry, love," He pokes my nose before kissing it quickly and all six of us settle down on the beds, content with just watching a movie. I sit in between Harry's legs, settling down on his chest and he wraps his arms around me, encasing me into a world of warmth. "Do you like scary movies?" He asks once the previews begin.


"Not really," I admit with a small laugh and Harry's thunderous chuckle makes me smile.


The two of us sit in silence for a moment before Harry plants a kiss on my forehead and whispers, I'll protect you," Niall snorts from our other side and mumbles 'cheesiest couple I've seen in a while' under his breath before the movie begins. The two and a half hour film rolls for a while and consisted of blood, gore and myself turning to hide into Harry's chest ninety percent of the time which of course, filled me with embarrassment.


"I really don't like scary movies," I mumble once the credits start to roll.


"I know love," Harry whispers, smiling slightly. Harry and I cuddle for a while longer before I finally fall back asleep and my problems seem to melt away.




Short chapter and it's really a terrible one. I'm sorry about that but i'm sick again and didn't feel like taking an hour or so to write this. I feel like complete crap so I'm probably actually going to go to sleep after I post this ;-; I hope you guys liked it anyway and I'm so sorry for the long wait.


-Shianne xx


(Unedited bc hella lazy cx)

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