I loved you



1. you changed

I was walking home with all the stuff my mom asked me to buy

As I was opening the door I smelled tacos

"Hey mom" I said. "Hey perrie said if you wanted to go shopping tomorrow and to call her and tell her yes or no" she said

I went to my room and closed my door and called perrie


Jade:hey girl

Perrie:hey so do you want to go shopping tomorrow and do you want to go to Taco Bell right now

Jade:um... Yea sure why not pick you up at 4:30

Perrie:ok bye


It was 3:00 so I went to take a shower I went to my bathroom and strip my cloths off and turned on the fresh cold water and I started singing this song that me and my friends made called "WORD UP"

After I was done singing some songs I turned off the water and I grabbed a towel and I wrapped it around my body and grabbed my blow dryer and blow dried my hair until was dry

I straightened my hair and I looked at my clock it was 3:30 p.m I went inside my walk in closet

I got a crop top that says "YOUR NEVER TO OLD TO BELIEVE" and the color in tie dye

And some shorts that are also tie dye

I also got tie dye converse

I also put on a necklace that is a heart shape and and BFF but perrie has the other half

And My other 2 friends have the same one

It was 4:00 p.m I grabbed my purse and grabbed my keys

I also grabbed my phone and headed to target

I went to get 2 CDs and they were from Miley Cyrus and Katy perry but then I got Taylor swift cd I went to go pay

As I was going to my car I checked my phone and it was 4:20 p.m and perrie lived right next to me

I got in my car and headed to Perries house

I got to her house and arrived at 4:30 bc I waited a little at target for 5 minutes

I heard perrie close her door and she was wearing a leather jacket and a crop top that says "I rule" in pink and leather leggings with some black boots and her hair in a ponytail

"hey girl" she said "sup girly" I said and I put in the cd of milt Cyrus and put wrecking ball on repeat and we just sang to the music

We got to Taco Bell and I opened the door and held it open for perrie

As we got there and ordered what we wanted

As we sat on the table we saw Perries boyfriend and my boyfriend on a double date with other girls

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