Arianna Brooks just moved opposite the hottest boy in town. Or should I say, the hottest player in town. That's right, you got it. Justin Drew Bieber. Who will win in the game of the player?

**This is only a short movella**


1. The Player

Justin's POV:

I stepped into the main block of the school. Girls watched my every movement with anticipation. Sometimes I would smirk at one of them and throw a wink at another, then hear their squeals of excitement whilst they fangirl with their friends because I looked at them, winked at them. Whatever the scenario. Guys hid themselves, obviously jealous that they couldn't get a girlfriend out of this flock of girls, who all wanted me. I wasn't sure why they seemed to drop to their knees when they were around me, but I did know one thing, I wasn't complaining.

I spotted Savannah, the schools slut. Or the schools Queen, same thing nowadays. She was voted most beautiful, but I'm sure, you wouldn't put her down as beautiful, even if it hit you in the face, and I'm pretty sure then you'd just get her month old make up that she refuses to take off because it's 'vintage' or whatever you girls call it. It's trashy. It's disgusting. How about washing your face? She's head cheerleader of course, all Queen's are. But I'm not Head Football whatever, but I'm still King. Funny how these things work, eh? Of course I'm king. I was born king, therefore I am. King.

I am the schools bad boy, which made me irresistible to these girls. People think I simply don't give a damn. I don't. I'm not all bad, but then, who is?

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